Winter Training – week 7

Weekly training

Another week down and only four more official training weeks before we take a Christmas break…..yeah only 4 more!!!! so for those members who are yet to get back at it, time is ticking!!!!

With the wide variety of sessions there is something in the weekly programme to suit all levels and abilities so try and make as many of the sessions as you can!

We are putting together a number of events for the final number of training weeks prior to the Winter break, and these have yet to be confirmed but preliminary details are included below.

As always any suggestions regarding any aspect of the training schedule is welcomed so just get in touch on any of the club forums!!



Again we will be taking membership forms for the coming year at each of the sessions.

For insurance reasons it is important that all members hand in a completed membership form.

Any issues or questions contact Paul at (086) 1950330.

Senior Triathlon / Cycling club form

Junior Triathlon / Cycling club form

Triathlon Ireland / Swim Ireland Membership

As this stage in the year annual membership to Triathlon Ireland is due and there are a number of membership types. Remember that Triathlon Ireland is required so that you are insured for training purposes over the course of the year so it is important that you check the website and join TI at some level so that you are covered.

This year TI has introduced a combined racing membership with Swim Ireland. The combined cost is €75 and allows members to race in both TI events and Swim Ireland events.

With the formation of Nenagh masters and the emphasis placed on shorter sprint work on Tuesday mornings we would hope that swimmers attending these events will take out the combined licence and attend some of the swimming galas over the course of the season.

For more details on this visit the Triathlon Ireland website by following the link below:

Novice Cycling

On Saturday afternoon a group of novice / junior cyclists were again on the road, in what were perfect weather conditions for cycling. The group completed the 15k circuit and during the cycle worked on gearing, cadence, hill positioning as well as group riding and rolling over…..not bad for a days work!!

The next session will take place in 2 weeks time and will have groups covering the 15k and 20k routes. More on this closer to the date but again if you know anyone interested to let them know.

Brick session

Again this week there will be the option of a 3k/5k run following the turbo session on Tuesday and for those runners who wish to join us we will be leaving the GAA complex at 8pm.

As a triathlon club we do not spend enough time working on bike positioning, time-trialling and brick work and this session is therefore open to all levels who wish to develop their overall triathlon ability.

It also offers the opportunity to get an additional run in during the week so hopefully a few more will take the opportunity to attend!

End of Cycle events.

With only 4 weeks left time has come to put together a number of events prior to breaking up for the Christmas break. This year we have a number of sessions planned and would hope that by giving notice early on these that the club will see a good attendance.

  • Sunday November 27th:            Winter duathlon 1                           Senior / Junior
  • Sunday December 4th:               Birdhill Turkey Run                       Senior / Junior
  • Friday December 9th:               Christmas Swimming gala            Masters v Triathlon
  • Saturday December 10th:          Winter warrior 1                             CC v Triathlon
  • Saturday December 10th:          CHRISTMAS PARTY

We will have more information on these events over the coming weeks but suffice to say at present that events are open to all senior club members so come along for a bit of craic!!!!!

Swimming sessions: 2 morning sessions this week. Tuesday morning is a Master swim variation set while Thursday is a short distance set.

Shorter versions for the novice lane will be supplied on the morning and will cover 1-1.5k.



  Tuesday 15th November  
Warm-up 3 x 100m f/c (25m scull – 75m swim)  
   8 x 50m (25m drill – 25m swim)  
Main-set 8 x 25m (12.5m  hard – 12.5m easy) 200m
  10 x 50m  at 80% (4th / 8th b-stroke)
  2 x 50m at 90%
  100m recovery 700m
  2 x 25m A/o
  100m recovery 150m
  Dive start
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 1950m


  Thursday 19th November  
Warm-up 4 x 50m f/c easy-stroke  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke  
  4 x 50m f/c easy-breathe on 4th stroke  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke 500m
Main-set 4 x 50m f/c build  
  1 x 50m b/c easy                     x 2              (500m)  
  3 x 100m  f/c-breathe on 4th  
  1 x 50m f/c-breathe on 4th  
  1 x 50m b/c easy                  x 3       (1200m)  
  3 x 50m f/c kick  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                      (250m)  
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 2650m


Running session: The Thursday sessions on the Dromin road will be a 1k repeat session.

A shorter set that is novice friendly will run in tandem to the main set.



  Thursday 19th November
Warm-up 15min easy 3000m
Main-set 1 x 100m build  
  1 x 100m drill                                    x3        600m  
  1k increasing pace                x8        8000m  
Novice 1k increasing pace                 x5        5000m  
Cool-down 800m easy 800m
TOTAL 12400m


The full weekly schedule:

Day Morning Evening
 Monday Circuits: 7.00pm

GAA complex

Tuesday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Turbo training:

6-6.45pm: Juniors

6.30-8pm: Seniors

GAA complex (run 8pm)

Wednesday Wed swim: 9.00pm

Leisure Centre

Thursday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Run intervals: 6.30pm

Dromin Road.

Novice set included

Friday Masters swim: 6.30am

Leisure Centre

Saturday Saturday cycle: 9am

Abbey court hotel

Junior cycle: 12.30pm

Nenagh CBS

Sunday  Sunday cycle: 8am

Tescos Nenagh


Have a good week out there!!!!

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