Winning Season

Limerick Triathlon held their first race of the season on Sunday with their annual duathlon. We had a good few Nenagh folk spin over to the race.

Darren Dunne was the first man home, which means those torturous plans he sends onto us must work! Well done Darren!

Sinead Oaks was also third woman home so congrats to her. She might be away in the west with Trilakes in Galway but we still have some claim over her!

Well done to everyone else that competed.

Shannon Region Open Water Swim League is back! The Lough Derg Challenge features again so check out the below link to hear about all the details.

By the end of the month we are hoping to put in an order for gear. We are also looking at getting some cycling jackets. Once we have a sample we will let ye know.

Reminder to spread the word that the NTS and LDS are open for entries. LDS has also got a Try-a-Tri option.


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