Weekend Cycling

It looks like it is going to be a cold weekend on the bike so wrap up warm, but not too warm as we have some tough cycling to do. We have a new route to deal with tomorrow and Sunday. Sorry about the lateness of this post but I was busy / lazy yesterday and today. If a post doesn’t go online, that does not mean there is no session. The Saturday and Sunday session will always be on unless told otherwise so there is no need to contact me asking whether there is a cycle in the morning.

Saturday Cycle

Time: 9:00 at the hotel

Route: we are going to try a new route for this. This route sticks mainly to the main road and there are plenty of turn around points for those that can’t manage the full route. The key element of this cycle is the hill-top finish – we don’t practice these much so it is important not to purposefully avoid this session! The final interval will finish on top of Dolla hill; from there we turn around and cool down all the way back to Nenagh. It will be a hard tempo ride up the hill. We will hold a good solid pace, with no jumping, and it will be up to you to hang on in there all the way to the top. The route takes us to Toom – Dolla – Silvermines – Roundhill – Birdhill – Dalys Cross – O’Briens Bridge – Birdhill – back over to Dolla and finish on top of the climb. We will be rolling over for most of this cycle so it should be a good test of endurance.


Sunday Cycle

Start: 8:00 at Tescos (delay to 9:00 if frost is very bad)

Route: the plan is to do the long lake route but if it’s a delayed start we will cut it short and just do the normal short route (home via the wilds of Portroe).


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