Week 1 done!

Well done to everyone that attended any training session last week. First week back is always the hardest, mainly because with this weather you don’t know whether you will be running in tropical sun or thunderous rain!

Monday nights run at 7pm consisted of some people doing the 3K loop 3 times or the 2.5K loop twice. No record lung bursting speeds were introduced so its open to all who can run/walk/jog.

Tuesday mornings swim was still a little quiet so don’t be shy to a 6:30am dip in the pool! Great way to start the day and with a spin and run in the evening you have defo earned ownership of the remote in the evening! Tuesday evening had a full house with the spin bikes at 7pm, but plenty of room for people to bring a turbo and their own bike. There was a short 2K run after it.













Wednesday evening we joined the masters for their swim set at 8pm. They are getting great numbers but low on the tri side. This is a coached session and you get a huge bang for your buck! €7 and that includes entry into the pool.

Thursday morning started with the 6:30am swim and whatever hope we had of getting ye out of the bed on Tuesday morning, Thursday suffered more with just 4 in the pool! In the evening we had the run set on Dromin Rd at 7pm. Good numbers here again and with it all set on that one stretch of road no one is left behind.

Friday morning we joined the masters for their 6:30am swim set so Friday evening was a well earned rest with nothing on!

Saturdays cycle was cancelled as the weather was a total wash out, but it looks good for this coming Saturday so pump up those wheels!

Sunday there was a hill run up Coum. A small few completed different distances here from 5K to 13 miles!!! Look out on viber for meet times on this. We tend to meet at yellow bridge around 9:40 in case people don’t know where to go.

We are still working on setting up the membership on TI, we just need some documentation to show the committee are all safe citizens!! Could take a while with Clever on board!

Its Monday so now it all starts again. Get your training plan sorted for the week and try and make as many as you can.

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