Time Trial Series – 4/4

The final round in this years TT league and we again had a blustery wind and wet conditions to deal with, but we still managed to get a couple of lads to finally go out on the big course…..although by the end probably would have been better on the 20k one!!



Name Distance Time
Joe Gleeson 36k 63:52
Paul Scully 36k 67:10
Timmy Kelly 36k 71:10
David Hogan 20k 37:55
Ronnie O’Driscoll 20k 39:20
Odie O’Driscoll 20k 41:10
Ken Hassett 20k 41:30
Tom Hogan 20k 42:50


That was the last week of the time trial series and thanks to everyone who made the effort to get on the course over the 4 weeks.

Also, a big thanks to Johnny Meagher who has single handedly sorted out the rest of us with times for this years series.

Next up on the cycling front we are looking to arrange a group rolling over session to cover the Olympic distance cycle (40k)……we will give further info on this later in the week so keep an eye on the club bulletins for more!!!!

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