Time Trial Series – 3/4

The third round in this years TT league and we again had strong winds to deal with on the return from the turnaround point. Hopefully for the final run we will have a bit more luck and some calm conditions to complete this years TT league!!!!


Name Distance Time
Joe Gleeson 20k 34:47
Paul Scully 20k 36:29
Ronnie O’Driscoll 20k 38:15
Ken Hassett 20k 39:09
Alex Stewart 20k 40:32
Odie O’Driscoll 20k 40:45
David Hogan 20k 41:12
Barry Creamer 20k 42:25
Tom Hogan 20k 42:29
Brenda Ryan 20k 46:25
Ger Carey 20k 49:19
Ronan Walshe 10k 17:30


Only 1 week left this year to post a time so if you want to get yourself down on the list then get out on the bike next Tuesday!!! As ever a big thanks to Johnny Meagher who has single handed sorted out the rest of us with times…hint hint!! 😉

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