Run Series – 4/4

The final week of this this years run series was yet again a bit on the cold and windy side but on the course the times were the hottest yet. The beat the clock format brought the best times of this years series with the majority of runners within 10 seconds of their predicted time and a number of runners very close to breaking the 20min barrier overall! The top of the leaderboard for the final week was Barry Creamer who was within 2 secs of the predicted time.



Name Dist Predict Actual Difference
Barry Creamer 5k 20:00 20:02 2
Brenda Ryan 3k 15:00 15:03 3
Mike O’Keeffe 5k 21:30 21:27 3
David Sheahan 5k 16:45 16:41 4
Eddie Hynes 5k 20:00 20:05 5
Gary Scully 5k 16:30 16:22 8
Eddie Tucker 5k 20:00 19:49 11
John Meagher 5k 20:00 20:12 12
Paul Scully 5k 20:00 19:35 25
Eoin O’Connor 5k 22:15 21:32 43
Sinead Lee 3k 20:00 16:30 3:30
Audrey McNamara 3k 20:50 16:25 4:25

A big thanks to the Eagle who was on hand at the line to get the times on the night!

This was the last in the run series for this year so a big thanks to all who made the effort to attend over the 4 weeks.

Next week we have the end of year Masters gala in the leisure centre at 8pm so if you fancy a final sprint in the pool then come on down.

After that we will be making the journey back out to Dromineer for the start of the Dromineer series, so hopefully over the coming weeks we get a bit of hotter weather to get the lake into a swimming condition!!!


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