Nenagh Summer League

Nenagh CC will be starting its very own cycle league in April.

When? Every Thursday evening starting at 7:00pm. Starts on April 10th

Where? Sign on will be in Gooig (same place as the Limerick Summer League sign on)

Who? This event is open to anyone from any cycling club that has a Cycling Ireland racing license.

Distance? 35km

Cost: €5

Route: the race format and route are not set in stone yet. As the evenings get longer we might lengthen the route and we might play around with the handicap format a little to keep people on their toes. For now, the race starts in Gooig and finishes in Birdhill.


Limerick Summer League: our event is similar to the Limerick Summer League which takes place each Tuesday at 7:00pm, starting on April 8th. We advise all our club members to support both races. If you want to improve your cycling then this is one sure fire way to do it. The new training time table that is starting in April will feature both these races on it. It’s going to be tough, but then again cycling is a tough sport!

Nenagh CC Club Members: This is an ideal opportunity for you to get some speed into the legs. This summer league is also an ideal stepping stone towards full competitive racing. If you can handle the bunch in this race then you will be able to race this year or next. Even if you don’t plan on racing, you can still use this as a tough training session. For the triathletes in our club, plenty of us will be using this cycling race as a brick session opportunity. Bring your runners with you and join in our post race run group.

Cycling out from Nenagh: a group will be cycling out from Nenagh to the starting point each evening if you want to get some extra miles in. A lot of club members also park their cars at Birdhill (finish line).


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