Nenagh CC Updates

nenagh-cc-logoThat was another productive week for the club. As we inch ever closer to the start of the season we can see fitness levels and performances improving steadily. If the winter warrior didn’t go well for you, just brush it off and use the disappointment as fuel to keep pushing harder from now on. If the winter warrior went well for you, don’t get too confident – if that ‘race’ proves to be the highlight of your year then it will be a very unsuccessful year. It is still very early days yet so we will all have plenty more ups and downs to deal with. The important thing is not to give up!!!


  • Monday – Circuit training – 7:00 at the GAA complex – 4 more weeks of  strength building
  • Tuesday – Turbo training – 6:00 – 8:00 GAA complex – focus on sprints
  • Saturday – normal club cycle starting at 9:00 at the hotel
  • Sunday – club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos – lake

Sunday Cycle: it was -3 degrees at 7:30 this morning with plenty of frost and ice on the roads. We therefore delayed the start of the cycle until 9:00. The roads hadn’t fully cleared by then, but 10 of us set-off anyway around the lake. We only had time for the short version and that was taken at a pretty leisurely pace too. Legs were tired after the Winter Warrior the day before and nobody seemed overly keen for another brutal day on the bike. This 110km cycle almost felt like a recovery spin. Tis great to be able to call such mileage easy. We will have to defer our longer version of the lake until next week. Hopefully the weather gods will be kinder and we get a few more people out on the bike.

Cycling Ireland License: you need to take out a 2017 license from the Cycling Ireland website. Go do it!

La Marmotte Update: thanks to the hard work of Pat Reddan, Mike Browne and John Gleeson our trip abroad has been fully organised. Most club members have fully paid up at this stage. If you haven’t or if you want to join our band of Merry Men and woman, then make sure to sign up this week. We now have 5 months to get ready for this epic day in the saddle.

Club Gear: thanks to everyone that has collected and paid for the gear already. That was a very quick response. I think there is just one more straggler left to collect and pay. We will no doubt be putting in another order soon enough and will let you know via this website when that is.

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