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nenagh-cc-logoThat was the most unpleasant weekend of training we have had since starting our winter programme. It was freezing and foggy but most of us still got out on the road. We are putting in some good mileage and this will all stand to us over the coming months. It’s the same old story next week with regards training so try to be consistent and get to all the club sessions. We have also had a good response to our club trip to La Marmotte. Saturday Group suggestions listed below should kick off a nice bit of in-club fighting (keep it clean, no eye gouging allowed).


  • Monday – circuit training from 7:00 to 8:00 in the GAA complex
  • Tuesday – turbo from 6:00 to 8:00 in the GAA Complex
  • Saturday – club cycle at 9:00 from the hotel
  • Sunday – club cycle at 8:00 from Tescos

Club Night Out + WW1: is just 3 weeks away now. Saturday, Dec 10th is D-Day for the start of our winter league and our annual Christmas Night Out. We will be teaming up with the tri club for the cycle and night out and the Masters Swimming Club will also be joining us that night. We don’t socialise often enough as a club, so try to make it if you can. The first round will be on the tri club after they lose badly in WW1. With tough guys like Keith Butler and Andy McLoughlin as your team leaders you are doomed to failure. 10 years in existence and these are the best guys you can produce?!

Sunday Cycle: our start time for this cycle was postponed until 9:00 to give the early morning frost and fog a chance to lift. It didn’t look great at the start with some wimps looking to do a handy 50k cycle and back home. Thankfully there were some hardier folk in attendance and it was decided that the lake was to be the route. The roofers forecast had it that things would be fine. The late start time and cold scared off a few but there were still 13 on the road. That 13 became 12 in Portumna as Will Rymer turned back for home (all praise received by Will on this website yesterday is now null and void – he just bought himself a ticket for Group 1).

Two groups of 6 left Portumna for the hour of power. A 3 min gap was given but this was gone at the half way mark. This sparked some life into the first group and they kept the gap small to the now front group all the way to Scariff. Nice Guy Matty Kennedy was taking some awful abuse all the way to Scariff. After last weeks performance, he deserved it. Nothing like a bit of bullying for getting you going. It was hard to tell who was happier getting to the shop in Scariff Gary or Keith. Both grown men fighting over the buns and cake is a sorry sight.

There wasn’t much fight left in the bunch as we came into Killaloe. Nobody went for the victory. The cold and extra clothing were having a slowing effect. On the way back to Nenagh, Chris Spelman was toying with the bunch out front. He clearly had a bad case of ‘Ants in Pants’, but used this to take a solo victory ahead of Shane Scully in a fine 2nd place. Both men are looking good for the winter warrior title this year (strong money is still on defending champion Tommy Hurricane, although An Púca Bán is quietly clocking in the shnakey miles while everyone else is in bed – he will be looking to make up for the disappointment of crashing out of the Rás last year).

Club Gear: order is being sent on Monday. Last chance to text Kenneth.

Groups for Saturday Cycles: if you are easily offended you might not want to click on the link below. I have gone to the bother of writing out what the groups would look like if everyone turned up to train on a Saturday. This is only my opinion. If you are not happy about a suggested bunch then go out and prove me wrong. I would love nothing better than to say I was wrong. The one thing that is clear from making a list like this – having no volunteers for G1 last Saturday was crazy. Everyone in groups 2 and 1 on the attached listing is a potential G1 cyclist for next Saturday. Only when people in higher groups do not turn up is there any room for moving forward a group.

>> View Saturday Groups

La Marmotte: we have 13 entrants for this world famous Gran Fondo. Entry is now closed for the official event but that does not mean you can’t come over to France with us. There are plenty of unofficial options still available. Keep thinking about it; we would love to have as many club members over there as possible. We will be booking accommodation in a few weeks time so you have until then to mull it over. Remember this trip is going to be subsidised by the club so think of it as a little discount holiday.

** Apologies to Gunner for belittling his efforts in France in a previous Marmotte report. He would have you know that while he didn’t actually do any of the cycle, he did perform a valuable management service on the day. I think that involved hanging around the pool and doing a bit of shopping. We couldn’t have done it without him.

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