Nenagh CC Notes

nenagh-cc-logoNow, with our Winter League series of races over, things will revert back to normal from next weekend onwards. Thanks for everyone’s patience with regards to this as we know these races weren’t to everyone’s liking. They are however a great way to get people up to speed for the racing season and they also give our newcomers to racing in 2016 a chance to sample the intensity of races. For some it might now seem like a bridge too far, but don’t give up hope just yet – it is very early days as of yet.

Let’s Start Over……….

Starting next Saturday, we hope to see everyone back out with us for our normal club spin at 9:00am. It will be back to the old format and old routes but the intensity will be much less than of late. If the weather improves from here on out you can look at this as a new beginning. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been out in a while, come out and do what you can. Get back into the routine of cycling with the club on Saturdays and Sundays. We will start slower again and build up the speed over the next few weeks and months. Make sure you are onboard from the start.


  • Monday: circuit training at 7:00 in the complex with Bertie – great core training session.
  • Tuesday: turbo session at 7:15 in the complex with Shane – focus on high intensity efforts + sprints. Junior training start at 6:00pm with Kevin.
  • Saturday: senior club cycle at 9:00 at the hotel. Novice cycle at 10:00 at the hotel. Junior cycle at 2:30 in the CBS.
  • Sunday: club cycle at 8:00 at Tescos – our racing lads will be gone off racing so the pace might be a little bit more manageable for those that want to try this session out. Your cycling will improve quickly by getting out on both days.

Final Call for Gear: have you text Kenneth yet? If not, do it. He will have forgotten your order if you did not text!!

Viber groups: the best way to keep in touch with whats going on is via our Viber groups. Find them and join.

Sunday Racing – The Lacey Cup

Nenagh CC are predominantly a racing focused club. We train hard in the winter for racing in the spring and summer. Now that the first race of the year is here we hope to see people turn out in numbers for this first race. Why train so hard all winter just to chicken out when the racing season starts? The first race might not go well; hell, the first 10 races might not go well but if you keep going and keep hanging in there you will eventually stick in. Don’t be saying to yourself at the end of the year, I should have tried it or I could have done this or that. Just give it a go and stick at it.

Full race details: http://www.traleebc.com/lacey-cup-2016/

Distance: 75km (for both races A1, A2, A3 and A4)

Start time: 12:30

Leave Nenagh at: the rás lads will be leaving around 9:00. Get there for 11 for sign on and warm-up.


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