Join The Fun

Dare I say it but…… its only 7 weeks until the man in red falls down our chimney! And I don’t mean a drunk Keith Butler! This means you could have 7 weeks of swimming, running and cycling if you are just new to the club or have been quietly watching our viber messages and facebook posts from afar!┬áThe weather has been more or less on our side so don’t let that scare you off.

Our runs continue to get good numbers on Mondays and Thursdays. Remember, these suit all levels as they involve loops on Mondays and then the 1k stretch on Dromin Rd on Thursdays.

I think people need louder alarms for the morning swims at 6:30am! Remember that the masters swim has changed to a Tuesday night at 8pm. Our spin and run session will remain on a Tuesday evening at 7pm. Keep an eye out on viber for updates about the second set of 5 weeks on this.

Saturday morning cycles have had a very important common denominator…… coffee stops! We do encourage everyone to give it a go. Even if you only stay with the main bunch for a little while, its something to improve on every week.

Party time: Our social secretary Clever Ryan will be in touch with the Christmas party date and location as soon as he has sourced his santa outfit! Get your wish list ready for his knee!

Membership: I don’t want to be hounding people but I cant stress the importance of membership enough. Not only is it for your safety but its for the clubs too. This insurance covers us all. We have a total of 9 members signed up. I know we usually have 10 times that so please try and allocate some of you Christmas bonus cheque to it!

Well Done: Huge well done to all our members who completed the Dublin City Marathon. There were whispers of an ambulance buggy and nurses kicking fellas out of the tent, but I’m sure that’s not true! If anyone knows of any local road races coming up let us know and we will try and get a group to go.

NTS: We have been approved for the North Tipp Sprint to host the Intervarsity National Championships on Saturday May 4th 2019 along side our normal sprint race. This will be great to get the NTS back on everyone’s “to-do” list and being on a bank holiday will make for a great weekend.

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