Only one week until we get to tell Santy what our wish list is! Make sure to be in Una’s for 9pm next Saturday to be first in line! Clever has kindly offered pre-Unas drinks and nibbles so please let him know if you will be attending his house.

We only have 2 weeks of training left before turkey day so make sure to get out while you physically can! And don’t forget the savings you put away for membership! Thank you to everyone who has paid already.

Dublin City Marathon

For anyone interested in doing the Dublin city marathon next year Nenagh triathlon club will be running a training plan program. The plan will be a 16 week program following a 4 hour marathon pace. This will be suitable for anyone planning on running a time between 3hr 40min and 4hr 20min. If you have never ran this distance before and are wondering how to gauge if this plan is suitable for you, you would need to be able to run a 10k comfortably in 55 minutes.

The plan will consist of between 4 and 5 runs a week with the long run on Sunday mornings. The Sunday run will be between 10 and 20 miles. The weekday runs will be between 6 and 9 miles. The reason why we are giving so much notice is because entry for DCM is filling up fast. Last year it sold out in June but as this is the 40th anniversary it is expected to sell out in the early part of the New Year.

If you are interested in doing this event next year all you need to do now is register and attend the club running sessions. They will give you a good base for when the real training starts. If anyone wants to know more information about the plans for the marathon training just ask John Meagher at any of the club runs.

Masters Gala

The masters have their Gala on Tuesday at 8pm. This was great fun last year so please try and support it. With 50 and 100m sprints the pain will be over quickly!


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