Course Maps

Swim: is a 750m open water swim in Lough Derg. The water is usually quite calm on this side of the lake. Competitors will swim in an anti-clockwise direction, starting from the pier on the right hand side of the beach and finishing at the pier on the left hand side.


 Transition: is located very close to the swim exit point, in the front car park in Dromineer.


Cycle: The cycle is an out and back course, 19km in length. You cycle back towards Nenagh. At the first roundabout you take a left. The next roundabout is the turn around point so you go fully around and head back towards the first roundabout again, and from there straight back out to Dromineer. There will be marshalls at all major junctions. This bike course is a flat course. The prevailing winds usually result in a head wind on the way to Nenagh but a tail wind on the way back.


Run: The run route is a challenging but scenic 5km out and back route. You turn right on the main road and immediately face into a tough hill. If you have overcooked it on the bike then this hill will hurt. Once at the top, it is mostly downhill towards the turn around point. Once you turn, you face into the hill on the way back. The finish line is at the bottom of the hill.