Winter Training – Week 8

3 to go….

We are now in the final run in to the end of year and it has really flown. It was really good to see the sessions all well attended over the course of the week so keep it up for the final few weeks. We have been trying to find a few events around the end of the training block but apart from the swimming side have been struggling to come up with a suitable run event. On the swimming side for those involved with the Masters club there is the one day gala in Mallow at the start of December, while later in the month there will be the renewal of the Masters / Tri club rivalry with the annual Christmas war in the pool….the Masters will be looking for revenge after last years beating!!

So how did this week of the  Winter training block fare out?? Well….

On the swimming side the 3 morning lanes are well established and the sessions continue to be a mix of shorter sprint sessions on Tuesdays and more triathlon focused sessions on Thursdays. This week we included a bit of power work along with the shorter sprint sessions and it is fair to say that shoulders were not the same at the end of it!

We had a number of sessions on the bike this week. On Tuesday the Spinner / Turbo / Run sessions continued with an almost full session with the absence of the usual slave driver!! All reports was that there was very little left out on the run course so the slave driver will have to get back to enforce the cycling hardship!  As always there are still a few spare spinners available that can be taken at a cost of €2 per session….so if you wish to join in on this session then come down on Tuesday!

On Sunday the sky was filled with dark clouds but conditions for cycling started ok and then rapidly deteriorated but it did not stop the group of almost 15 cyclists. Again we introduced another new route to the regime and will build on this route over the course of the coming months. Next week will see the introduction of a further new route and will include a hill into the mix so ye have been warned!!!!!!

The running session on Thursday was a new set and saw the group completed the first session of 1k repeats. There is no sign of the testosterone abating and what was meant to be a nice comfortable pace turned in the end to flat out sprinting…..some lads will never learn!!! Next week will be a return to the Hills and the first hill set of the season so hill is word of the week!

The second pilates session took place on Monday evening and it is safe to say that none of us have much of a change of making it to the flexibility / pilates Olympics! The sessions will continue for a further 2 weeks so hopefully we will all survive intact!

 Club Membership

Again….in a process that is akin to getting blood from a stone …….we ask our members to join the club for the coming year. Membership forms for Seniors and Juniors are available on the website under the “About us” tag at the top of this page or alternatively can be collected at the reception area in the Leisure Centre. Committee members will be at all sessions so you can hand in your form at any session.

As always all members of the club are required to get a licence with Triathlon Ireland for the coming season and once this membership is open we will let you know!

We have included bank details for membership and this has been posted on the “About us” page on the website for anyone who wishes to pay by bank transfer, just remember to include details of who you are and send an application form (can be sent in electronically to the club email at

 Weekly training

Swimming sessions: 2 morning sessions this week. Tuesday will be a Masters short distance sprint (the slave driver will not be there so the set is below!) set while Thursday will be a distance set!

Shorter versions for the novice lane will be supplied on the morning and will cover 1-1.5k.


  Tuesday 28th November  
Warm-up 25m r.arm/l.arm/catch/full  
  25m full stroke on return  
  1 x 50m b/c                                   x 2  
Main-set 4 x 50m IMO 25m-f/c 25m      x1              (200m)  
  1 x 100m f/c on 3min  
  1 x 50m f/c on 2min  
  2 x 25m f/c on 1:15  
  100m f/c recovery  
  1 x 100m f/c 10sec break each length on 3min  
  1 x 50m f/c 10sec break each length on 2min  
   2 x 25m f/c Sprint on 1:15 min  
  100m f/c recovery  
  1 x 50m f/c on 2min  
  2 x 25m f/c on 1:15  
  50m recovery                                              (750m)  
  4 x 25m kick  
  4 x 25m sprint   (12.5 UW off wall)         ( 200m) 1150m
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 1800m


  Thursday 30th November  
Warm-up 4 x 50m f/c easy-stroke  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke  
  4 x 50m f/c easy-breathe on 4th stroke  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke       x2        (500m) 500m
Main-set 4 x 50m f/c build  
  1 x 50m b/c easy                     x 2              (500m)  
  600m f/c-breathe on 4th                   (600m)  
  10 x 25m f/c kick 2nd on side  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                             (350m)  
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 2150m


Running sessions: The Thursday run is a return to the hill interval set with a shorter set on offer for all novice members on the night. The run will start as usual from Nenagh College.


  Thursday 30th November  
Warm-up 15min easy 3000m
Main-set 1 x 100m build  
  1 x 100m drill                        x3        600m  
  3 x 30 sec hill climb  
  400m recovery run               x3        3600m  
Novice 3 x 20 sec hill climb  
  400m recovery run                x3        3000m  
Cool-down 800m easy 800m
TOTAL 8000m


Bike sessions: 2 sessions this week. Tuesday will be Spinning / turbo session followed by a run.  On Sunday we will be continuing our group cycle and will again we taking a new route which will include a hill with the final distance being around 25-30 miles.



The full weekly schedule:

Day Morning Evening
 Monday S+C: Circuits: 7pm

McDonagh Park

S+C: Pilates: 8.15pm

Paul Nevin Fitness

Tuesday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Spinning- TT / Run: 7pm

Leisure Centre

Wednesday Tri / Masters Swim: 9pm

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Thursday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

 Run Session: 7pm

Nenagh College

Novice session included

Friday Tri / Masters Swim: 6.30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Sunday   Group Cycle: 10am 

Leisure Centre

Novice group 2


 Have a good week out there!

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