Will’s France Diary: Day 4

Le Tour pour les Amatuers: Day 4

Nenagh CC have set a new level for the term recovery spin. Today was always supposed to be an easy day, the plan was to take in the sights and sounds of the pearl of the Alps in Annecy. We would also plan for a cruise around the lake at a handy pace with the possibility of dip to cool off and a nice bit to eat.


Not for the first time the plan was torn up before we arrived. Continuing the Brexit theme for the week the two Englishmen quit before they started and did no cycling today and opted for shopping instead. Aidan, Donnchadh and John completed the proposed lake cycle at a nice pace and added in a testing climb of the Col de la Forclaz in 40C heat at midday. The real achievement for the day though was by Ned, Brian and Pat. They have set a new club record for the number of coffee stops in a 46km spin, three stops with coffee, pastries and buns consumed at each.



The intensity of the work being put in over the previous few days though is certainly beginning to take its toll, there are bodies dropping like flies in all sorts of places. This evening the mood in the camp was low.


With a big day of climbing on the itinerary for tomorrow a morale boosting evening in the town was required. A couple of rounds of the local brew and a side order of fat juicy steaks later and we ready for road again. Next stop – The Col de la Croix de Fer via the Col du Mollard. On a side note, if Donnchadh is hungry he must be fed almost immediately or you risk serious injury.

Day 4: Lake Annecy and Col de la Forclaz
Distance 53 km
Average speed 20.9 km/h
Elevation gain 792m, Max elevation 1131m

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