Will’s France Diary: Day 2

Le Tour pour les Amatuers: Day 2

Day 1 had been fairly hard on the body (especially mine) so day 2 was pencilled in as a short recovery spin. The plan was to do a handy 30km route with a small bit of a warm up, to ease the legs back into it. The location for this adventure was Le Bourg­d’Oisans, it commenced with a round of some fine pastries and a couple of coffees in the early morning sun. Now our team was complete we posed for the presentation of the team, and began our leisurely ride out towards Alpe d’Huez.


Alpe d’Huez is a modern icon of Le Tour with each of the 21 hairpin bends named after the winners of the stage. It is some thrill clocking the names on the way past, legends such as Fausto Coppi, Van Impe and Indurain. There was an effort at a sprint finish from Donnchadh and myself at the summit, followed by John, and the rest of the guys came in together a couple of minutes later. We stopped for the obligatory summit photos and then enjoyed the speedy descent back to bowls of pasta and buckets of beer.


The plan for the afternoon was to swim in the lake, but one brave soldier decided he needed to complete the Col de Chaussy that he missed yesterday, Donnchadh volunteering for extra punishment. The soft Éire Óg man was happy enough to wallow in shame, leaving his wingman to suffer the scorching heat on his own.

Day 2: Alpe d’Huez
Distance 47.5km
Average speed 19.5 km/h
Elevation gain 1166m, Max elevation 1813m


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