What’s Your Goal?

It is good to have a goal in mind when you start training. Goals help you to stay focused and push further than you thought was possible. Whether you are a triathlete, runner, cyclist or swimmer in our club, we have plenty of goals for you to aim for in 2014. Try and tick as many of these goals off as possible this year. Warning: training and commitment will be required!

New members: If you are not a club member but have always wanted to increase your fitness then do not be intimidated by the goals below. Everyone in our club started off dreading their first few training sessions with us, thinking they were not good enough, but with perseverence they got there in the end. Joining a club will help you to improve quickly – club members can help with advice and encouragement – so seriously consider joining our club this year – membership is free so all you need to do is turn up to one of our training sessions. Give it a go!

For Triathletes

  • Take part in the Lough Derg Sprint – if you are new to the sport of triathlon then taking on a sprint distance race will be your first goal. Luckily for you, we have a race coming up on June 21st that you can target > view Lough Derg Sprint details
  • National Series – take part in 5 National Series events and score points for the club. See what position you can rank for your age group. Try and better your position from last year.
  • Go Long – sign up for a Half Ironman – there are plenty of Half Ironman races in Ireland that you could aim for. Do a Half Ironman this year and go one step further next year by signing up for a Full Ironman.

For Cyclists

  • Leisure Cyclists
    • End of Year Cycle – this is a 100 mile cycle that takes place at the end of August. This is a tough endurance test but by attending our Saturday morning cycles at 8:30am from the pool you should be able to build up enough endurance to be able to manage this.
  • Racing Cyclists
    • Nenagh Summer League – this is the closest you will get to actual racing. If you plan on racing for the club next year or just want to improve your speed then make it your goal to attend this league and first of all – try to stick in the slow bunch then move from the first group to the last. See how far up the ladder you get by the end of the year.
    • Road Racing – sign up for your first road race before the end of the year. Get comfortable in the A4 bunch and try to gain your points to get promoted to the A3 bunch. already this year Kenneth Kennedy, Kevin Sherlock and Con Kennedy have been promoted. Make it your goal to secure a promotion by the end of the year.

For Runners

  • Nenagh Run Fest – this will take place on July 13th. There will be 3 distances to choose from – 5km, 10km or 10 mile. Push yourself to run faster or longer than ever before. Attend our Monday evening training at 6:15 or beginner run training at 6:30 from Tescos on Fridays to get ready for this.
  • 5km Running Series – there will be 6 races in this year’s run series – starting in June. Try and set a new PB for the distance. How low can you go?

For Swimmers

  • End of Year Swim – this is a long distance swim event where we swim to the pub – Youghal to Garrykennedy. There are two distances to choose from – 2.5km or 3.5km. Our Sunday lake swims in Youghal at 6:00pm will help you to get ready for this event.

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