Weekly training schedule

Event reports: Again to highlight that we can only mention races that we know people are attending and so would again remind anyone taking part in any race to let us know so we can spread the word!!!!!

Weekly schedule:  Following the first week sessions a more formal schedule will be posted out here at the start of the week for all the morning swimming and running sessions. Hopefully knowing the sessions in advance will encourage attendance at the sessions and as previously mentioned the intensity will increase over the winter period so joining in now really is the ideal time!!!

We also intend to target specific races over the winter period with the first being the Birdhill Turkey run on Sunday 6th December. This race has 5k/10k/half-marathon routes so should have something to suit all members!! The run schedules will focus with this event in mind.

 Swimming sessions: 2 morning sessions this week. Tuesday will be a short speed session and Thursday will focus on stroke development.

 Tuesday 13th October


Warm-up (750m) 300 f/c descending set, every 4th length b/c, breathe every 4th
Main-set (1450m) 








4 x 50m f/c build1 x 50m b/c easy1 x 100m   f/c on 1:20

3 x 50m f/c on 40s        x 4 (1000m)


1 x 50m f/c kick

1 x 50m b/c

2 x 25m f/c sprint

1 x 50m f/c recovery     x2 (200m)


Cool-down (200m) 200m f/c-easy
TOTAL 2400m


 Thursday 15th October

Warm-up (750m) 1 x 25m r.arm/l.arm/catch-up/full1x25m full stroke return length (200m)1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke                   x3
Main-set (1300m) 






4 x 50m f/c drill repeat1 x 50m b/c easy              x 3  (750m)1 x 200m f/c-breathe 4th stroke  (200m)


1 x 100m medley

3 x 50m f/c kick

4 x 25m f/c sprint    (350m)

Cool-down (200m) 200m f/c-easy
TOTAL 2250m


Running session: 1 session that will be a return to the basic 400m repeat session. Again this session will take place within the confines of the CBS and so is suitable to any standard that can run 2-3 miles.

Thursday 15th October

Warm-up (3000m) 15 min easy
Main-set (3800m) 



1 x 100m build1 x 100m drill       x3        (600m)8 x 400m

1min recovery between each   (3200m)

Cool-down (800m) 800m easy
TOTAL 7500m

Sunday brick session: We also intend to run the first of the brick sessions next Sunday. The aim of these will be to focus on particular aspects of triathlon racing and will rotate over a number of courses and distances.

 The first session will be an aerobic cycle followed by a run. There will be 2 starting times depending on fitness level. For those looking to do a little bit more we will be meeting at the Abbey court at 9.30am and will go on a 60min loop, returning to the Abbey court for 10.30 where there will then go for a further 60min on an out and back loop followed by a 20min run in the CBS. As the second cycle is timed anyone coming should bring a watch to monitor this. The average speed on the bicycle loop will be 15-18mph. The run will be entirely within the CBS and don’t forget to bring your runners!!!


The full weekly schedule:

Day Morning Evening
Monday Circuit training: 7 to 8pm in running complex


Tuesday Morning Swim – 6:40 – 7:30 – Pool Cycling: Turbo training in running complex from 7:30 – 8:30pmJunior CC  Turbo from 6 to 7 in complex


Wednesday Swim: 8:00pm in Nenagh Leisure Centre – suitable for beginners.


Thursday Morning Swim – 6:40 – 7:30 – Pool Running: interval based run set starts at 6:30pm at the CBS.
Saturday Main Club Cycle – 9am – Abbey Court Hotel Junior CC training – every 2nd Saturday 2.30






Sunday Ras training group cycle (advanced cyclists) – 8am Tescos


Triathlon brick session– Abbey Court / CBS – 09:30 longer cycle / 10.30 shorter cycle

Novice sessions: The Wednesday swims are recommenced for all levels and once we have the main sessions back in full swing we plan on running a number of separate run and bike sessions for more novice members. This will commence in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!!

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