Weekly training

Weekly update

Another week down and again the weather was around to play havoc with plans!!! Despite this spirits remained high and sessions were well attended. So a pat on the back to all!!!

UPCOMING EVENT NOTICE: Club training weekend Feb 20-21

Club training weekend:

The club training weekend programme running on the weekend of February 20-21 has been posted.

Hopefully we will get a break with the weather!!!!! Please try and attend the event as the committee are going to a lot of effort to book the fitness studio and to organise various activities. Also, it is a chance for all triathlon members to get together regardless of ability. So hoping to see good numbers there. Any inquiries then let a member of the committee know!

North Tipp Sprint 2016:

There are only a few spaces left on the individual entry list for the first National series triathlon of the year. There are still a number of relay team places left so if you are interested in entering a team well book now to avoid disappointment!!!!!

Weekly training


Novice swimming:

Good turn out at the sessions again and the addition of a fourth lane for the Wednesday evening swim was a welcome one!!! Again a reminder that there is plenty of room in the morning swims and in particular the Thursday session, so feel free to add this to your list!!!!!

Novice run and bike sessions:

A really good turn-up at the run session on Thursday night where again weather was wet but cool enough to allow for a good effort to be put in. This 1k repeat session was a test for most and is one we will come back to again and again!!!

Weather conditions were not ideal on Saturday so yet again the novice cycle was put on hold. Hopefully this weekend we will see a good turn out from the novice members for the first time trial of the season on Saturday morning and for the combination with the run on Sunday!


Again, as always a reminds that all novice sessions that are run by the club during the week are for those that are not at a level to take part in the main swim cycle or run and are open to all members and non-members. So if you know someone who may be interested then spread the word!!!

Swimming sessions: All training sessions will also now be included in the training session tab on the site so can be monitored for progress. Swimming training tab

2 morning sessions this week. Tuesday morning is a triathlon-specific drill session set while Thursday is a short distance repeat set. Shorter versions for the novice lane will be supplied on the morning and will cover 1-1.5k


  Tuesday 16th February  
Warm-up 25m r.arm/l.arm/catch/full  
  25m full stroke on return (200m)  
  1 x 50m b/c                                   x 3  
Main-set 4 x 50m f/c drill (bilateral breathe)  
  4 x 50m f/c (race start)           x 3             (1200m)  
  4 x 50m f / c  
  2 x 50m b / c                                                 (300m)  
  3 x 50m f/c kick  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                    (350m) 1850m
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 2800m


  Thursday 18th February  
Warm-up 4 x 50m f/c easy-stroke  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke  
  4 x 50m f/c breathe on 4th  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke 500m
Main-set 4 x 50m f/c build  
  1 x 50m b/c easy                     x 2             (500m)  
  4 x 100m f/c  
  3 x 50m f/c  
  1 x 50m b/c easy                     x 3           (1800m)  
  3 x 50m f/c kick  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                       (250m) 2550m
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 3250m



Running session: All training sessions will also now be included in the training session tab on the site so can be monitored for progress. Running training tab


The session this week is a 35min fartlek session with a reduced 25min novice time.


  Thursday 18th February  
Warm-up 15min easy 3000m
Main-set 1 x 50m build  
  1 x 50m drill                                       x 4   (400m)  
  3min 10mile pace (35min run)  
  2min recovery                                 x 7       (7000m)  
Novice 3min run (25min run)  
  2min jog / walk                               x 5       (3500m)  
Cool-down 800m easy 800m
TOTAL 11200m


The full weekly schedule:


Day Morning Evening
 Monday  Circuit training: 7 to 8pm in running complex
Tuesday Morning Swim – 6:30 – 7:30 – PoolLane 1: Novice lane Cycling: Turbo training in running complex from 7:30 – 8:30pmJunior CC  Turbo from 6 to 7 in complex
Wednesday Swim: 8:00pm in Nenagh Leisure Centre – suitable for beginners.
Thursday Morning Swim – 6:30 – 7:30 – PoolLane 1: Novice lane Running: interval based run set starts at 6:30pm at the Tech (Nenagh College). Novice Run: 6:30pm at the Tech (Nenagh College)

Sunday              CLUB TRAINING WEEKEND

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