Weekly schedule

Weekly schedule: 

There was a good showing at all the sessions held this week so well done all!! Being a small club its important that when possible we try and attend the club based sessions in order to keep the sessions going and to continue to further develop and promote the club.

The first brick session took place this morning and was attended by a small yet motivated group. Conditions were dry, which is always a good starting point and both the 2 cycle routes and the run went well for all involved. We hope to undertake another brick session in the next few weeks and so hope that the attendances will improve further with time. Remember these sessions are shorter than the usual bike or run sessions and are tailored for all levels so are suitable for all abilities!!!

We are going to be putting together a training part to the site but for the meantime we will continue to put the sessions for the coming week in the weekly schedule.

 Swimming sessions: 2  morning sessions this week. Tuesday will include a longer aerobic component while Thursday is a stroke development session and is based on using fins and paddles, so remember if you have them to bring them with you for this.


Running session: 1 session that will be a hill session. This will be the last set before the clocks go back an hour and we are in the process of developing a programme to include all levels of running ability with the dark evenings. More on this to come.


The full weekly schedule:

Day Morning Evening
Monday Circuit training: 7 to 8pm in running complex
Tuesday Morning Swim – 6:40 – 7:30 – Pool Cycling: Turbo training in running complex from 7:30 – 8:30pmJunior CC  Turbo from 6 to 7 in complex
Wednesday Swim: 8:00pm in Nenagh Leisure Centre – suitable for beginners.
Thursday Morning Swim – 6:40 – 7:30 – Pool Running: interval based run set starts at 6:30pm at the CBS.
Saturday Main Club Cycle – 9am – Abbey Court Hotel Junior CC training – every 2nd Saturday 2.30 



Sunday Ras training group cycle (advanced cyclists) – 8am Tescos


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