Weekly schedule

Weekly schedule: 

Firstly, congratulations to the club members who undertook the marathon in what was gale force conditions….never easy in perfect conditions but definite pat on the back to those that did!! Hopefully we will get a report or two from the lads on it during the week….(hint hint!!!)

Another really good turn out for the sessions during the week which is great to see and is certainly helping to add to the social aspect and not dampen spirits as the days shorten. And with the shortened days in mind, and also due to the gates being closed early in the CBS, it has been decided that the running sessions will be moved to the Tech and the runs will largely involve using Dromin road. Hopefully this change will not affect the good numbers attending and to remind those that the sessions can be altered to suit all abilities so it is an open session to all.

Swimming sessions: 2  morning sessions this week. Tuesday will be a stroke development set while Thursday is an aerobic endurance set.



Running session: 1 session that will be a aerobic endurance interval session. This will be based around 1k repeat intervals with the 1k component being the length of the Dromin road from the entrance to the Tech to the bypass junction.


The full weekly schedule:

Day Morning Evening
Tuesday Morning Swim – 6:40 – 7:30 – Pool Cycling: Turbo training in running complex from 7:30 – 8:30pmJunior CC  Turbo from 6 to 7 in complex
Wednesday Swim: 8:00pm in Nenagh Leisure Centre – suitable for beginners.
Thursday Morning Swim – 6:40 – 7:30 – Pool Running: interval based run set starts at 6:30pm at the Tech (Nenagh College).
Saturday Main Club Cycle – 9am – Abbey Court Hotel Junior CC training – every 2nd Saturday 2.30

Sunday              Ras training group cycle (advanced cyclists) – 8am Tescos


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