Weekly report

Weekly report

The New Year has certainly started with a bang…..really good showing at sessions throughout the week and what is even more remarkable is that the weather held-up for the weekend so all weekend sessions went ahead also!!! Well done all!

As well as being busy from a training perspective the club has also being busy making plans for the upcoming season and we will keep you informed of all these as we go along. The success or failure of club training sessions, events and races is all dependent on the members within the club to attend and promote so we hope that over the coming months the successful start to the season can be continued and be a platform for the club to grow.

On the racing front the Annual CBS 5k/10k run took place on Sunday morning and there was a good turn out from club members so well done to all who took part.

Next running event to target: Milford Hospice 10k Run/Walk 2016: Sunday January 31st at 12pm

Race/event reports

We hope to provide reports on the activities of all club members at various races and events during the year so if anyone is taking part in an event make sure you let someone on the committee know so that it can be included in our weekly reports (email info@nenaghtriathlonclub.com if you compile a report yourself!!).

North Tipp Sprint 2016:


Our annual pool based sprint triathlon (750m/20k/5k)  will be taking place on April 16th 2016 and race entry is due to go online tomorrow January 11th. This event has been given National Series status by Triathlon Ireland and is the first such race of the season and is a great honour for the club.

Due to a number of factors this race has not run over the past 2 years so we are hoping for a strong turnout by club members in both taking part and promoting this event. We have created a facebook page for the event and would ask as many as possible to like and share this page and to let anyone who would be interested in taking part about it.

Additionally, we would ask as many members as possible to enter the event itself and if doing so if you could also arrange for someone to help assist on the day it would be greatly appreciated.

For the more novice and newer members, although the full distance may be currently beyond your level of fitness there is also a relay section where you can team up with 1 or 2 others in order to take part in the event and is a great introduction to a triathlon on race day. We will be putting a list of members together who can make relay teams so if you wish to be included on this then let a member of the committee know or email us (info@nenaghtriathlonclub.com).

For more information we have a page on the site dedicated to the race: North Tipp Sprint 2016


Website changes:

The club are busy making some alterations to the site in order to help provide more information on sessions and the plans for the club over the course of the season. We will keep you informed of these changes as they occur but as an overview of some changes we have compiled a short section below detailing current plans.

Triathlon Season calendar:

In order to help members plan their season and to also promote club events and target specific triathlon during the year the committee are currently creating a calendar of events for the coming season. We hope to have a completed draft in the next week or 2 and once online it will give members an opportunity to see what is planned ahead.

If you have any suggestions that you wish to include within this section of the site then let a member of the committee know or email us (info@nenaghtriathlonclub.com)

The season calendar will be a new tab that can be accessed using the tab bar at the top of triathlon website or you can access it directly using this link: Triathlon season calendar

Training section:

In order to help members keep an eye on training plans, progressions and to offer the schedule for those who cannot attend the official club training sessions we are providing a training section that will detail our swim and running sessions.

If you have any suggestions that you wish to include within this section of the site then let a member of the committee know or email us (info@nenaghtriathlonclub.com).

Swimming sessions: Swimming training tab

Running sessions: Running training tab

Novice section:

For the newer / novice triathlete we are composing a new section detailing our specific training sessions aimed at novice members, upcoming events and links to articles / sites with useful information regarding triathlon.

Again, if you are a newer member to club activities we would ask you to consider taking out membership in the club for the year to do so register with register with Triathlon Ireland / Cycling Ireland for the year. As well as not having the hassle of having to obtain a one day licence for events, triathlon Ireland membership also provided insurance when training so is well worth considering. The combined cost of both is less than€100, so when you consider is covers insurance and training for the year is great value!

We will detail further events and changes as they come along so keep an eye on the site for more!!!!

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