Weekend Cycling

The weather this week has been pretty awful. It was no surprise that we had 28 cyclists at our Tuesday turbo between 6:00 and 8:30. Hopefully this weekend the forecast won’t be quite as bad. Saturday morning is looking ok so get ready for a good cycle. There is also the new novice cycle starting on Saturday so it will be great to see even more people on the road.

Saturday Cycle

Junior Cycling

is not on this Saturday. Older juniors can tag along with the seniors. You are more than welcome to join in but be wary that the senior groups will not be waiting if you get dropped. This is their main cycle of the week and they can’t afford to be babysitting those that can’t keep up. Make sure you have permission from your parents to be out on the road alone, just in case you get dropped. Also make sure you have a mobile phone with you so that you can ring home in case of emergencies.

***** New: Novice Cycle *****

The triathlon club are starting a new novice cycling program. It begins at 11:00am this Saturday. Meet at the Abbey Court Hotel. This is suitable for beginners and improvers and will be a controlled pace. There will be different route options on the day. This novice cycle will run for a number of weeks and will help to get you used to cycling.

Spread the word!!!!!

Senior Cycle

Start: 9:00am at the hotel (Rás group out at 8:00am)

The route this week is another long one so you will need to pace yourself. We will be going to Toom – Birdhill – Dalys Cross – Broadford – Killaloe – Portroe – Nenagh. The groups will remain the same as last week. As usual, try and keep most of your group together (within reason). For those that find the route too tough, there are plenty of turn for home points.

All 3 groups will roll out from the start together. The splits will begin in Toom.

  • Group 1: turn right in Toomevara. Take it easy until you get over to Roundhill. Easy means – two up and talking the whole way. You can then start working hard for the rest of the cycle. There is still a long way to go from Roundhill onwards, with the toughest, most hilly part coming at the end so save your energy till then.
  • Group 2: will cycle with group 3 out to Moneygall. Ye will turn at the roundabout and head back to Toom. Roll over to start at Ballinamona, but if ye want to change it up, work away.
  • Group 3: will cycle out to Dunkerrin and turn.

Groups 1 & 2 have a big head start so there is no need to drill it from the start. Group 3 always take it handier at the start and increase the speed as we go along. Group 3 will also be taking a 10km break after Broadford, where they will cycle easy before picking up the pace again from Tuamgraney on. We don’t expect you to take it hard from Toom to Nenagh. Include breaks on the road.

We train hard already but the way some groups talk you would swear everyone was training for the Rás. Relax! You don’t need to be absolutely drained finishing the cycle. The lads training for the Rás are on a different training plan to almost everyone else so you don’t need to be matching them at this time of the year. Ye also have to realise that the pace the rás lads are going is a lot slower than the pace they are actually able for. They are slowing down to match other people’s pace in their group. It doesn’t need to be a race at this time of year. It is fantastic to see such enthusiasm and such a great appetite for hardwork in the bunches. The standard at the moment is excellent and improving all the time. We are just concerned about overdoing it too early in the year. Save a little for after Christmas!!

  • We ask you to consider stopping for anyone that punctures in your own group. Cycle down the road and back.
  • Try to stick to your own group this week. If a group from behind pass your bunch, leave them off. We don’t mind one or two jumping in, but we do want to keep the bunches small on the road. The bigger the bunch the less well it works on the road.
  • The map below is slightly wrong. We go to Daly’s Cross and it does not include the extra miles out to Moneygall. As you can see – it will be a long one. The distance will wear you down so the speed doesn’t need to be hectic.
  • Weaker cyclists should pick a turn around point (e.g. turn for home after O’Briens Bridge via Killaloe)
  • We will consider changing groups after week 2; so give it one more week in your current group. Don’t read that and think – Oh I must try really hard on Saturday and drop everyone in my group so I get promoted. Work well with your group. If we hear of someone trying to rip the groups apart then that won’t help your cause. We work together as a team in this club.


Sunday Cycle

Start: 8:00am at Tescos

If the weather is ok we will be heading for Tipperary Town.


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