Weekend Cycling

We are already over half way through April. Two months of the racing season is already over (but still 5 months left). Big stage races have come and gone (but plenty still to come). Our La Marmotte challenge edges ever closer – I don’ think some people understand how tough a day this is – it will be about 11 hours in the saddle and most of that will be climbing huge mountains – there is also a time limit! This is the time of year when we really need to be working hard. Luckily for you, the weather should be decent this weekend. Will (the club’s cycling fashion expert) has noticed that the tanning in the club needs improvement so try to work on that as much as possible. If you need any tanning tips then call Will’s Fashion Hotline.

Saturday: starts at 9:00am from the hotel.

Route: we will be heading to Toom, Silvermines, Birdhill, Daly’s Cross, O’Brien’s Bridge, Birdhill and back to the top of Dolla. This is a hill top finish route, where we roll hard for most of the cycle and finish hard up to the top of Dolla. It is recovery from there all the way back to town. The groups will split in Toomevara with the race group pushing on ahead. They must cycle Killeen hill at the start too. This will be a long rolling session so make sure to pace it right. The good thing about this route is that it is never too far from Nenagh so if you run out of energy then turn and head for home. Do try your best to make it to the final hill challenge.



Training: meet at Tescos at 7:30am

Route: we will be doing the extended lake route. If it doesn’t rain then we will definitely need to be adding in the extra hills at the end (Shalee and Dolla).

Racing: the Drumm Cup in Currow, Co. Kerry is the local Munster race. This is a flat route with a little rise at near the finish.

  • 1pm A1/A2 Feature Event – 108.5km – Almost 7 laps – 6 to go at the first crossing of the finish line.
  • 1.02pm A3 Race – 77.5km – Almost 5 laps – 4 to go at the first crossing of the finish line
  • 1.04pm A4 Race – 62km – Almost 4 laps – 3 to go at the first crossing of the finish line. Note The A4 race is going to be a handicap race as follows (only 1 prize list with unplaced ladies prizes); Ladies and Masters Over 50 A4 Riders Veteran A4 Riders Remainder of A4 Riders. This handicap will be in the region of 45 secs to 60 secs depending on the size of each group

Waller Cup: is the race in Leinster. This has a separate A2 race. Strave of the route: https://www.strava.com/routes/2212417

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