Weekend Cycling

We get a great winter of training in and as soon as the start of the racing season comes around the weather turns to crap. Typical. Once again, the weather doesn’t look the best for training or racing this weekend. After missing last weekend’s racing by being a big wuss, can I get away with missing two races in a row? No. The slagging would be unbearable. Kenneth and I will say a few prayers to Baby Jesus to see if he can sort us out with some half decent weather. Take note of the extra early weekend training day and try to make it!

Best of luck to everyone racing. Send in a race report and some photos if you can.

Friday evening cycle: we are going to do 4 weeks of Friday evening cycles. They will be short and sharp efforts. Not enough to tire you out for weekend racing but enough to get some power and speed in the legs.

Meet: Stereame car park 6:15 – open to everyone to attend

Route: we will cycle out to the top of the hill at Gooig and back. This is roughly 28 miles, so we should have it finished in 1.5 hours. We will warm-up out to the Five Alley and then start an hour long set. Once the hour is up we will cool down back to Nenagh.

Set: we will be practicing two-man break aways.

Make sure you have lights and hi vis.

Saturday Cycle

Training: meet at 9:00 at the hotel.  We will do the same route we planned last week but that was called off. Nenagh – Roscrea – Birr – Borrisokane – Nenagh. The pace of this cycle will be a lot slower than is usual for our group so it is a good time to come and join us.

Racing: it looks like 3 or 4 lads will be heading over to the race in Broadford, Limerick. This is a nice flat route and is suitable for those looking to do their first race. For most, the Saturday race is a better option than the hilly Sunday race. I can’t actually find any details on this bar a mention on the Cycling Ireland calendar. If it is cancelled, someone might put a notice up on Viber.

Sunday Cycle

Training: Meet at 8:00 at Tescos. The route will be decided that morning by whomever isn’t racing on Sunday. This is likely to be Marmotte focused so expect long distance + hills.

Racing: there are two potential races for club members to attend. Both races are pretty tough with a lot of climbing involved. Some might be attracted to the Leinster race for the separate A2 race.

  • Munster: Broadford (two races A1/A2/A3 and A4)

Race 1:

Sign On:    8.45am to 10.20am
Race HQ:    Broadford Soccer Club
Entry Fee:    €20
Prize Giving:    Village Hall
Race 1: A1, A2 & A3
6 laps. Total Race distance 120km
A3 and Junior Riders will get a 2 min handicap on A2 riders, with the A1’s a further 2 minutes behind.
Start time:    10.30am

Race 2:
Categories:    A4, M50 & Ladies
Total Race distance 60k
Start time:    10.45am

  • Leinster: Newbridge GP (4 races A1, A2, A3, A4)

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