Weekend Cycling

We have a big weekend of cycling action for everyone to enjoy. The last cycle of the Winter Warrior Series takes place this Saturday. Reputations can be made or destroyed at this event. For some its the last chance saloon; one more event to redeem yourself in front of your cycling peers. For others it will be a chance for glory as you take your place at the top of the club pyramid. The bullied becomes the bullyer. Respect at last! Then on Sunday we will have the usual lake cycle, think it will be more of a short route recovery cycle this week, judging by how tired everyone’s legs were after WW3.

Saturday: Winter Warrior 4

winter-warriorTime: 10:15 in Nenagh @ Lisboney Ind Estate. Warm-up at 9:00 at the hotel.

Weather: is looking ideal for racing. No rain, good temps and very little wind.

Details: the route is a long and tough one. It will be well over 2 hours of racing. The handicaps take this into account. We hope to have 4 groups on the road. Make sure you are in position at the start line on time, especially if you are in group 1. Group 1 have a very large handicap so we need you to get started bang on time.

  • Group 1 – 10:15 – 0 mins
  • Group 2 – 10:34 – 19 mins
  • Group 3 – 10:40 – 25 mins
  • Group 4 –  10:45 – 30 mins

Support Car: we will have one support car following the cycle so if you want to throw spare wheels into it then work away. Our support car driver may or may not get ahead of the cycle to try and control traffic, so at every junction be prepared to stop. This is not a race. There is no ambulance waiting nearby so take care out there. Rules of the road apply. Safety first.

Route: we head to Roscrea first. There will be a very gentle tail wind helping us to Roscrea. We turn at the roundabout and head back to Moneygall. In the village, we take a left and immediately start climbing Army Hill. From there we head over to Gortagarry and swing right at the church. There is another tough but short climb here. At the top it is a quick left then right and it’s downhill for a while back to Toomevara. From Toom, we turn left and left again after the petrol station. It’s a left at the next t-junction and all thoughts turn to Seáníns climb here. It’s a left turn onto the climb which will take you, on average, 10 minutes. Take the first left on the descent and that bring you back to Toomevara. Turn left in Toom and it’s a straight road back to Nenagh. The finish is at the 50km sign near the swimming pool.


Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: we are heading around the lake. Coffee stop in Scariff. I think this will be a recovery cycle over the shorter route as a few cyclists will be missing as it is a club member’s stag night on Saturday night.


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