Weekend Cycling

The last few days have been pretty horrible in terms of weather but it looks like things will clear up for the weekend. It will be cold for the Winter Warrior on Saturday but it looks like it will be a nice clear day with just a light breeze. The cold will help with the overheating on Seaníns! It also looks like a nice clear day for Sunday. Combine the speed session on Saturday with the long mileage on Sunday and we will have had a great weekend on the bike.

Saturday Cycle: Winter Warrior 3

Time: warm-up at 9:00am from the hotel. Race starts at 10:15 from Lisboney Ind Est entrance.

Route: most of this route is pan flat, with one exception – Seaníns. It is amazing how much fear one little hill puts into the peleton. 98% of the race is flat but all the focus is on that 2%. This hill is usually enough to scare off 4 or 5 lads from the start line – the same lads always have the emergency excuse ready at this time of year! Buck that trend and turn up for once!!!

Groups: there will be 4 groups on the road with a sizeable handicap between the groups. The aim is to bring everyone together somewhere between Seáníns and Nenagh. If the earlier groups push the pace they should be able to get to the top before being caught.

  • Group 1 – handicap = 0 minutes (leaving at 10:15 SHARP)
  • Group 2 – handicap = 12 minutes
  • Group 3 – handicap = 16 minutes
  • Group 4 – handicap = 20 minutes (leaving at 10:35)

Red Hot Favourite – John Gleeson. He was 6th in race 1 and 3rd in race 2. Continue that progression and it will be 1st place next time out. He was out doing a recce of the hill last week so expect fireworks once we hit the big gradients. Keith Butler is another man who will have to be marked throughout (just to make sure he doesn’t take any shortcuts, not because he is a threat – he is a threat to the post race cakes and buns though).

Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: we will be going for an extended, extended cycle around the lake. There will be two roll over sessions and a coffee stop in Scariff. Everyone can see the progress being made by those that are getting out twice on the weekend. If you want to show similar progression then come and join us.


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