Weekend Cycling

At this stage, the weekend cycles definitely look to be going ahead. The weather doesn’t seem quite as bad as what was predicted so we should be able to get out on both days. This is the last Saturday before the winter warrior resumes so get out and work hard. Stringing two big days together on the bike will really help boost your fitness.

Saturday Cycle

Time: 9:00 at the hotel.

Route: if there is still frost and ice on the ground we will stick to the main road. If the roads are ok we will be doing the Broadford route + a little extra as we will head for Toomevara first and swing right over to Birdhill. We will finish this cycle by going home the ‘Keith Butler way’ via the 4 sisters.

Group 1 will turn right at Toomevara. The other two groups head for the roundabout at Moneygall with group 2 turning a little earlier. Roll over from Balinamona to Broadford (go via Birdhill / O’Brien’s Bridge road). Recover to Ogonelloe and then start rolling again from there till Nenagh. These are two long roll over sessions so get the pace in your group right. If you are feeling tired turn for Killaloe in O’Briens Bridge. There are no stops on this cycle so make sure to bring enough food with you.


Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: we will be going around the lake.


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