Weekend Cycling

The Christmas break is over and now it’s time to burn off all those extra calories on our weekend cycles. It’s time to get down to work. For those that have spent the last two weeks on the bike, you will get the chance to show off your new fitness levels on Saturday. For those that have spent the last two weeks¬† on the couch, this is going to hurt! You might need to resort to the power of prayer. Leave the gels at home, two Hail Mary’s and an Our Father is what you need.

New Year’s Resolutions

New members – we always love to see new faces out with us. When we see a new, motivated, positive cyclist join us it gives all of us a big boost. It’s not easy starting out with us but with a little bit of hard work you will make it. You will probably be starting in group 1 and each week you will find it easier to stay with that bunch. On your first cycle, aim to just cycle a few miles with us before turning around for home.

Old members – let’s start off the new year by tightening up on a few small things…..

  • Consistency – far too many are here for a month, gone for a month. You are not giving yourself a chance of succeeding with that commitment. It takes a huge amount of time to get back up to speed after missing a number of weeks out. Start stringing together week after week of consistent training.
  • We say this on every cycle but we still need to improve on – go easier up the hills, go harder down the hills. We don’t want to see free wheeling at the front down small hills. We also don’t want people driving it as hard as they can up the little rises. Keep the effort consistent.
  • Match the pace of your roll over group. By driving it each time you roll through you are more likely to end up slowing down your group as the smoothness is interrupted each time. If you think they are going far too slow for you, then go into a higher group.
  • CI license – you need to have an up-to-date one! Order it now

The general fitness level in the club is excellent at the moment. Last year we had storm after storm. This year the weather has been great so a lot more miles have been cycled. You should all be proud of the efforts put in up to and including Christmas but don’t let that be the pinnacle of your season. We are in a very positive position but we can always do better. A big January of training will get you ready for the 2017 racing season. We have 3 Winter Warrior Cycles coming up so look to do well in those. Stay positive and keep getting out on your bike!

Saturday Cycle

Time: 9:00 am at the hotel.

Route: We will be heading to Roscrea – Birr – Portumna – Carrigahori – Terryglass – Puckaun – Nenagh. For thos looking to ease their way back into things you might turn for home in Birr or take the main road home at Carrigahorig.

There will be two roll over sessions. Both are to be taken a little faster than usual. We expect to have 3 groups on the road. Make sure to choose your group wisely as the final 30km of this cycle is energy sapping.

  • G1: turn left at the first roundabout in Roscrea and take a left in town for Birr.
  • G2: Go the whole way down the Roscrea bypass and take a left at the final roundabout.
  • G3: Go the whole way down the bypass AND back up the bypass.

The 3 groups roll until they are all back together again (probably¬† a few mile after Portumna). Group 3 will split from the bunch in Portumna to give the others a head start for the final roll over session (single line, 1 minute up front each) which starts after the right turn in Carrigahorig. We would recommend for G1 to not turn right in Carrigahorig and just head straight back in the main road. If you are a G2 rider and you opt for the easy route home then you shouldn’t really be in G2.

If you are planning on racing at a decent level next year, be it cycling or triathlon, now is the time to start pushing yourself a little. We need to see big improvements in speed in January to be ready for the racing season. Get your head in the right place to start digging a little deeper. Stop taking the easy options because once the flag drops at that first race nobody will be waiting for you.


Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: we will be heading around the lake for this one. It will be the extended version with the usual hour of power, coffee stop and roll home from O’Brien’s Bridge.


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