Weekend Cycling

The weather looks pretty good for the last weekend of official club training for 2016. Hopefully you have the Christmas shopping done by now and are free to join us on the bike on Saturday and Sunday. You should be targeting big mileage on the bike between now and the New Year or you will be suffering from the beer belly blues in January!

Saturday Cycle

Time: 9:00 at the hotel.

Route: we will be doing the Nenagh – Dolla – Rearcross – Newport – Daly’s Cross – O’Brien’s Bridge – Killaloe – Portroe – Nenagh route. This cycle involves a tough hill at the start in Dolla. Our three groups will be taking different routes out to Dolla so as to give everyone a chance to climb the hill at a more comfortable pace (although if you are finding it comfortable, you ain’t going fast enough!).

Group 1: will head straight out to Dolla. No need to work hard on your way out to Dolla. Save your energy for the hill. Everyone should wait for each other at the top. The other two groups will catch ye somewhere between the hill and Newport.

Group 2: will head out towards Toom but swing right shortly after the M7 flyover. This group should start rolling over as soon as you get onto the Ballinamona – Dolla road. Keep rolling over until you catch group 1.

Group 3: will head towards Toom and take a right. Rolling over will begin at Ballinamona and won’t stop until Groups 1 and 2 are caught.

There will be another rollover session later in the cycle depending on when the groups merge for the first time. People can take a short cut home at Dalys Cross if they want.


Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: lake route. We might experiment with lengthening this cycle a little by heading straight through Killaloe to O’Brien’s Bridge and over to Daly’s Cross before turning for home. A call regarding this will be made that morning. Anyone that wants to turn for Portros in Killaloe is more than welcome to do so.


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