Weekend Cycling

All eyes turn to the first round of the Winter Warrior League this Saturday. The ‘race’ is all just a bit of fun really, so don’t let the title put you off. This session will be similar to what we do every Saturday. We will take the winter league ‘races’ in the New Year a little bit more seriously. For now, just make sure to attend. The weather should be fine for it. There will likely be no cycle on Sunday so make the most of the Saturday Spin. Check out Viber on Saturday eve for a Sunday cycle update.

winter-warriorSaturday – Winter Warrior 1

Time: 9:00 at the Hotel. Race starts on the far side of Toomevara at 10:30.

Route: We will do a 1.5 hour warm-up before the race. We will cycle out to Moneygall, turn at the roundabout, cycle back into the M7 flyover roundabout and back out to the start in Toomevara. If you are running late you can meet us on the road. Don’t be saving your energy for the race – come out at 9:00 and get the extra mileage in.

The race starts at Toom and goes to Roscrea and back to Nenagh, with a sprint for the 50km speed limit sign. Distance = 49km.


Depending on numbers, we will be looking at creating 4 groups. These will be similar to the groups I put online a few weeks ago. Each group will receive a large handicap on the scratch group. The aim is for all groups to come together somewhere after Moneygall. The harder a group tries the closer to Nenagh you will get before being caught. If you work very well you might stay away.

Group selection – we would like for people to try and stay in the bunches they have been training in. It would look strange for you to change into a different one just for this race. You would be more or less saying you are not good enough to be in your current group. In trying to make 4 smaller groups of 7 or 8 cyclists in each (no super groups), we will probably have to rejig things a little bit. Feel free to move groups only if there is space in a lower or higher group. The first group will have a very big handicap so don’t be scared to turn up just because this has the title ‘race’. It’s not really a race anyway, this whole thing is just tongue in cheek!


  • Group 1: 0 mins
  • Group 2: 7 mins
  • Group 3: 11 mins
  • Group 4: 14 mins

Advice for race 1: pace yourself properly. Don’t tear off like lunatics and have half your group dropped before Roscrea. Work together as a team to stay away, this might mean you have to cycle a little slower than you would like. Save your energy for later in the race. Everyone needs to roll through and don’t be sandbagging – nobody should be taking it that seriously – the main aim is to have a good workout. As the league progresses it will become more of a free for all. For now work as a team. My own personal view on this is that it’s just a normal club roll over session with a fast finish.

Tri club vs Nenagh CC: as well as the individual battles there will be a team battle too. When you sign on at the start, put down the team you are racing for. The top 10 finishers will score for their team. The winning team will have bragging rights for the next 7 years until Nenagh CC celebrate our own 10 year anniversary.

Post-race celebrations: no matter what the result is we will all have a good laugh about it in Rocky’s later that night at the annual club Christmas night out. Make sure to attend.


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