Weekend Cycling

Congrats, you have made it to December without throwing in the towel yet. The intensity will increase a little again this month as we edge closer to a brand new racing season. The weather for this weekend is looking cold again but it doesn’t seem quite as bad as last week so we should be able to stick to the pre-planned routes.

Saturday Cycle

Start: 9:00 at the hotel. Two groups will pull out 3 minutes apart.

Route: the plan is to head to Roscrea – Birr – Borrisokane. We will split at the roundabouts in Roscrea. We will have 3 groups on the road – know what group you are going in before we start. Group 1 will head left on the first roundabout in Roscrea. Groups 2 & 3 will go the full way down the bypass with group 3 cycling all the way back up the bypass. No group should wait in Birr, instead keep cycling until caught. Harder efforts are from Roscrea to Birr and from Borrisokane back to Nenagh. Both intervals are pretty short so you can afford to push it a little. There is no need to wait for people who shouldn’t really be in the bunch. A group list was published last week so people know which group they should be in. If the road conditions are too dangerous we will stick to the N7 and cycle the loop route.


Sunday Cycle

We will do the lake again but it depends on the road conditions. If it is too bad we will stick to the main road. We might also be forced to change the start time to 9:00 at Tescos. But for now its – 8:00 at Tescos doing the lake. Check on viber or Facebook for updates


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