Weekend Cycling

It looks like being a cold but dry morning for cycling tomorrow, with the same weather prediction for Sunday morning too. We were due to go on a long one on Sunday but with temps so low we might just keep it a little closer to home instead. Be prepared for a change in route for Sunday so check Facebook or Viber on Saturday evening to see where we hope to go.

Saturday Cycles

Junior cycle: 12:30 at the CBS

Senior Cycle

Time: 9:00 at the hotel

Route: this week we are doing a 100km route that first takes us out to Moneygall (G1 will turn early at Toomevara). G2 and G3 will split in Moneygall and head back towards Toomevara, taking a left there towards Silvermines, Dolla, Roundhill and Birdhill. If the groups are back together at Birdhill we will split it again by forcing G3 up the ramp and G1 can take a right at Birdhill towards O’Briens Bridge. G2 and G3 will both be heading to Daly’s Cross first. If G1 are still way ahead in Birdhill then this group should also head for Daly’s Cross before turning right for O’Briens Bridge and then Killaloe. From Killaloe, all groups head over to the N7 and come back this road to Nenagh.

Section from Moneygall to Roundhill should be fast. Also fast from the far side of Birdhill to Killaloe. Every other section is nice easy going. There might also be some faster efforts on the N7 finish. There are plenty of turn early points on this route so if you get dropped you are never too far from home. However, remember that the aim is to do all the cycle so put yourself in a group that will allow you to do this. Each group is to hold a certain pace so no riders should cause a reduction in that bunch speed.



Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: depending on frost we will likely do the lake route. If road conditions are a little dodgy we will stick to a 4 hour cycle more on the main roads. Usual faster sections + a coffee stop in Scariff. If conditions are fine then we will head on a long one down towards Tipperary town, Hospital, Limerick. Check Facebook on Saturday evening for a route update.

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