Weekend Cycling

There is a change to our training this week as we move away from the N7 loop course and the safety net of being close to home. This shouldn’t be a cause for worry. Ye have all built up plenty of fitness to stay with the bunch on our travels around North Tipp. We just hope people choose the right groups for this cycle as you don’t want to be getting dropped half way through; err on the side of caution if possible. There is also a separate novice cycle on Saturday, so ye are spoiled for choice. The weather should be fine so no excuses.

Novice Cycle: 2:30 from the hotel

Saturday Cycle

Time: 9:00 at the hotel.

Route: we will be heading to Roscrea, Templemore, Borrisoleigh, Templederry, Dolla and back to Nenagh. The bunch will split in two in Nenagh to give group 1 a chance to get up the hill at Lisboney. The two bunches will likely come together somewhere on the way to Roscrea. It will be a large bunch so stay tidy on the road and stay in the hard shoulder where possible. The groups will split in Roscrea.

Group 1 and 3 – turn right at the roundabout and head straight for Templemore. The groups will split going up the hill. Group 3 will be cycling to Thurles so they need a head start.

Group 2 – will go straight through the roundabout and proceed down the bypass to the far roundabout and back. You will then chase group 1 to Templemore.  Once group 1 is caught – slow down and cycle together to Borrisoleigh. A further split can occur here as we look to throw in another interval that will end on top of the hill in Templederry.

Turn-off at Kellys of Fantane – anyone feeling tired at this point should cycle straight in the Thurles road to Nenagh.

** keep your bunch together within reason. Try and finish with your bunch intact if possible but if there are people in your bunch that really shouldn’t be in that bunch then you don’t need to slow the whole thing down for them. Let them hang on for as long as they can. The following week they can select a more appropriate bunch to go in.  Cruel to be kind.


Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: we are once again going around the lake = 112km with a coffee stop in Scariff. Two intervals are thrown in to liven things up.

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