Weekend Cycling

We have the usual double dose of cycling for everyone this weekend. On Saturday we will be tackling the N7 loop course + two hills and on Sunday we will be back doing the lake. Best of luck to all our members that are doing the Dublin marathon on Sunday, we will let you off with missing training for this week only! Not sure just yet if there will be a club cycle on Monday; check out Viber on Sunday for more info.

Saturday Cycle

Time: 9:00 at the hotel. 1st group on the road at 9:03 sharp.

Route: once again we are on the N7 loop route but this time we will be including two climbs. Each time you finish a loop you turn left and go up Army Hill. On the first loop, make sure to stay together. The last time up the climb you can go at whatever pace suits you. Take care on the descent as there was a lot of cow shite on the road the last day. The pace of groups 2 and 3 was a lot better last week so lets keep that going. Once again we will try to have 3 evenly split groups on the road, so be honest about where your fitness levels are. Making the jump up to the next group is not easy at all as many people are now starting to find out.

Group 1: Gary or Shane will be jumping in to this group to make sure the training session is of good quality. A good even pace will be kept throughout. Those who find the pace a little too tough should try to hang on for one loop if possible then turn for home. Those who find it too easy should wait for the final climb of Army Hill, then you can do what you want. Group 1 will only do Army Hill once at the end.


Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: we are back doing the lake route. Two intervals + a coffee stop. Should be back in Nenagh before 12:00.


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