Weekend Cycling

We are now on weekend number 3 of our winter training programme. We have two more Saturday cycles on the main road before we start venturing further from Nenagh. The fitness levels are steadily rising in the club and we hope people cope a little better in their bunches this week. It’s the same two routes again, so stick to what you did last week.

Newcomers: now is the time to get out training with us. The pace and routes are far more manageable in October. Once November hits, things will get tougher so you need to have built up a decent fitness base before then. Meet us on Saturday at 9:00 at the hotel. Aim to try to finish one loop or even half a loop of the planned session; that will be plenty for your first time with us.

For the newcomers already training with us, you should have one simple aim = improve on your performance from the previous week. That might mean you go a little further in group 1 before being distanced or you might just cycle a longer distance. If you improve a little each week then it won’t take long before you will be comfortable in Group 1.

Warm-up advice – there is an early hill in the warm-up. If you are getting distanced on this hill then simply leave the hotel at 9:00 sharp; get up the hill before the bunches catch you. Jump in with the bunch as they pass.

Membership Fees: the next mortgage repayment on Kenneth’s house is overdue so he asked me to remind everyone that the club membership fees are due. Hand €30 to him tomorrow (he prefers cash).

Saturday Cycle: the route will once again be the N7 loop route. We will warm-up out to Moneygall. Everyone will meet there and the groups will be formed. Each group will start at the same time with Groups 2 and 3 heading out towards Dunkerrin first. Group 2 should aim to cycle a little closer to Dunkerrin this week as the gap was a touch too wide last week. The speed for all 3 groups should be easy enough for the first lap (it should feel easy even if the pace is reasonably high). Pick it up then on the second lap.

Key objectives: for everyone to finish the full route. We also want to see less knock victims on the road = make sure to keep eating.

Sunday Cycle: lake route again with two intervals + a coffee stop in Scariff. Interesting to see who can cling on this week on the hill/bump before Killaloe. My guess is we hear plenty of ‘I was soooooo close but someone else dropped the wheel’! For the 3rd week running – will Keith Butler be there? Doubt it. Pure soft #marshmallowman


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