Weekend Cycling

Before we get into what’s happening this coming weekend…..

a little word on the turbo training situation. Currently we are using the GAA complex on Tuesdays (6:00 to 8:00), but don’t have anywhere sourced for Thursday just yet. Last year, we didn’t have an official Thursday session but two years ago we did. I am not eager to start an official Thursday session until we can guarantee a decent turnout from our members. There were 14 at the session on Tuesday. That isn’t bad (it’s not good either) but it’s not enough to justify an extra date as numbers are usually lower on day 2. As a club we cater for demand – if people don’t attend, we don’t put on sessions. If over the next week we see more and more people looking for something and more people turning up on the Tuesday then we will be delighted to book a Thursday session as well. Until things change it will just be the one turbo session a week.

Saturday Cycle

Time & Place: 9:00am at the Abbey Court Hotel.

Weather: generally dry for the weekend. Woohoo!

Route: it’s pretty much the same route as last week. Again, we will split on the warm-up out to Moneygall. Choose whatever group you want on the way out. The faster group will go out towards Dunkerrin for a while and turn back, so as to give everyone a chance to get to the starting point at the Obama Plaza.

** Key point – no group is to leave until the groups are sorted. Wait until told when to go. We will be looking to create 3 groups of 12. We will arrange that at the start. Each group will hold a lively but suitable pace for the bunch you are in. There is no such thing as a slow group. Each group has a certain pace that is only a little slower than the next group. It’s up to newbies to train hard and improve your standard so as to not get dropped.

  • Once on the road, all 3 groups will be tasked with completing two laps of the course = 50km. For those new to the group, feel free to turn for home after one loop. For all cyclists looking to progress into groups 1 and 2 you need to complete the whole cycle.
  • At the start, group 1 will cycle out to Dunkerrin first and start the chase from there. Group 2 will go halfway to Dunkerrin and turn. Group 3 will start straight away from Moneygall.
  • If group 1 haven’t caught group 2 by the end, Group 1 are to continue the chase until group 2 are caught = you might have to go longer than the 50km.
  • Group formation: judging by the amount of people who were dumped out the back of the groups or that were unable to complete the full distance, a lot of people put themselves into the wrong group last Saturday. We don’t want to have to order people to go into the correct group so when we ask for each group to form please be realistic about where your fitness levels lie. It’s October, you shouldn’t be killing yourself right now. Take it easy for a few weeks and build your fitness slowly. If we don’t have enough volunteers for each group then we will have to assign people to each group (Sorry in advance!).
  • We are constantly observing how well people are doing in the groups. We want people to improve and move up through the ranks. Put the training hours in and you will progress quickly. If you are flying it in your group then you will be asked to join a higher group. To show you are doing well you need to be able to complete the whole circuit, roll through every-time and also be able to organise the group you are in properly instead of complaining that they are just too slow for you. Nobody wants to hear that and just remember – if you go up a group then you will be the ‘slow’ one in the next group. We are all team mates so try to support the people in your group.

Hopefully this will be the last time I need to explain how our training sessions work in such detail. I know it seems very regimental but things work far more smoothly with a bunch of 40 when we all know what we are doing. The stuff above is mainly for the newbies who are not familiar with what we do. After this weekend, everyone should be familiar with the way we work so that will see me shutting up about it (thank God, says you!)


Sunday Cycle

We had a fine turnout last week and this cycle is turning out to be a high quality session. It’s hard to choose which session is more important now, the Saturday or Sunday one. If you find it hard to choose then do both!

Time: 8:00am from Tescos (usually home before 12:00)

Route: we will be cycling around the lake. There will be two interval sessions. The first is about an hour, from Portumna to Scariff. We will have a coffee stop here. The 2nd interval is a short one on the way into Killaloe. From there you just have to try to fight off the knock on the hilly roads back to Nenagh. We had a number of casualties last week as the effects of two long cycles in a row bit hard. Trust me, it does get easier. By Christmas, you will handle both long distance cycles with ease and you will be well able to deal with the increase in intensity that comes with the New Year.

The big question once again is whether Fathead will turn up. Currently the man is out sick with conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. The only excuse/sickness he hasn’t caught in the last year is Ebola.


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