Weekend Cycling

It has been a great week of training so far. There are no official club training sessions on Friday but we will be looking to have a very productive weekend. If you fancy getting on your bike then check out what we are offering below……

Saturday Cycle

After much deliberation, we have decided to go with the same loop route this Saturday. After discussions, we as a club have decided to spend 4 weeks on our loop course in order to get people up to speed so as to be able to handle cycles that head further out of town. Last week was week 1 on the loop. This Saturday will be week 2.

The format for week 2 will be the exact same as week 1. There will be 3 groups on the road. You should know what you are capable of and know what group you should be in. Try and go a little bit further than week 1. This cycle should run a little smoother than the previous week as everyone should know what they are to do.

Week 3 & 4 will be slightly different. We will be doing the loop route but that loop will contain a detour with a hill for you to climb. After 4 weeks of these loops people should be fit enough to head out on our old routes from last year.

Start: 9:00am SHARP or 8:00am for the Rás training group.

Meet: Abbey Court Hotel


Junior Cycling

Starts at 2:30pm on Saturday in the CBS. We hope to see a new crop of youth cyclists out this year.

Sunday Cycle

This is a more advanced cycle and is not suitable for beginners. This week we will be going on a long one. We are doing the Kinnitty, Cut, Wolf trap route. There will be a short cut for those that don’t fancy doing the two tough hills on the route. As always there will be some tougher sections on the cycle. All will be explained that morning.

Start: 8:00am

Meet: Tescos


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