Weekend Cycling

The weekend is now upon us so it’s time to get the bike out for some training and racing action. We expect a few at the A3 + Junior National Champs this weekend in Mayo and there is also racing in Wexford. For the rest of us who have thrown in the towel on racing, we have the usual Saturday and Sunday cycles to look forward to. Training speeds are a little bit easier these days so come out and join in with us.

Saturday Training

Start: 9:00am at the hotel

Route: we will be heading over to Dolla, then up the hill and over to Rearcross, Newport, Daly’s Cross, O’Briens Bridge, Killaloe and back to Nenagh. The group will split in two early (just after the flyover) so as to give people time to get up Dolla hill. If you fear going up the hill with the groups then head straight out to Dolla and the groups will catch you on the road to Newport.



Training: meet at 8:00am at Tescos. Route will be the lake.


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