Weekend Cycling

Another weekend of training and racing action awaits us. Try your best to fit in as much as possible. Remember the club will only remain successful if people keep coming out to support it. If you haven’t raced in a while then consider entering one this week or next; the club can’t reach our target of 100 points if people aren’t racing!!


Training: senior cycle at 9:00am from the hotel.

Route: this weeks route takes us up Dolla hill and then through Rearcross, Newport, Daly’s Cross, O’Briens Bridge, Killaloe, Portroe and back to Nenagh. We will split the groups early for this one and meet on the road to Newport. If you are worried about Dolla Hill then leave 10 mins early before any group starts and give yourself some extra time.



Training: meet at 8:00am at Tescos. Route to be decided that morning.

Racing: there is racing in Roscommon and Newbridge on Sunday. There will probably be lads going to both. Ask on Viber if you are looking to go and need a lift.


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