Weekend Cycling

We are planning on making our two cycles a little shorter this weekend. However, just because they are shorter, it doesn’t mean they will be easier. In fact, we hope to push the pace on a little more on certain sections, just to keep ye all on your toes. Variability is good. Check out our routes and join us on both days if you can.

Novice Cycle: the triathlon club are continuing with their novice / beginner focused cycle this Saturday. It starts at 11:00am at the hotel. If you fancy getting into cycling then this is the session to attend. The pace is very manageable and the distances are short. There were 12 at last weeks cycle and they covered a distance of 20km. They plan on doing the exact same distance this week so try your best to attend.

Saturday Cycle

Juniors: there is no junior cycle this week. Stronger juniors can head out with the senior cyclists but make sure you have permission from your parents to be cycling on your own just in case you get dropped. Bring a mobile and plenty of food.

Seniors: Start – 9:00am at the hotel (8:00am for the Rás cyclists)

This week’s route is an old route with a little change at the end. We will be heading to Roscrea, Birr, Borrisokane – then instead of turning home for Nenagh we will go across to Ballinderry, Puckaun, and then back to Nenagh.  This adds a little bit extra distance to the old route but it makes it a tougher, rolling finish.

Groups will be sorted before we start. The group you are in will depend on the numbers that turn up. We want to have an even split in all 3 groups so that might mean we need to promote or demote some people out of groups for the sake of balance. All 3 groups will cycle together out to Roscrea. What we hope to achieve with each group is…..

  • Group 1 – turn left at first roundabout in Roscrea – roll to Birr. Do not stop in Birr; instead continue on cycling towards Borrisokane. Most of this group will probably turn for home in Borriskane. Those that want extra should join in with Group 2 somewhere on the road to Ballinderry.
  • Group 2 – turn right at first roundabout in Roscrea. Proceed the full way down the bypass and out to Birr from the far side of Roscrea. Roll at a faster pace than previous weeks to Birr – it is a short interval so you can afford to go faster. Recover on the way over to Borrisokane. Rolling fast again from Ballinderry to Nenagh.
  • Group 3 – go full way down and back up the Roscrea bypass. Roll hard to Birr. Recover to Borrisokane. Take long route home via Carrigahorrig, rolling from Borrisokane to Nenagh. Average pace 32km +


Sunday Cycle

We are back doing the lake route on Sunday. Meet at Tescos at 8:00am. All are welcome but it is geared more towards the advanced level cyclist. There will be a coffee stop in Mountshannon. Two interval sessions will be included. The rás lads will be branching off towards the end to get in some extra miles. People are free to join them if you want.


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