Weekend Cycle

I hope everyone is planning a big weekend of cycling. The weather is looking good for it. As usual we have our Saturday and Sunday spins to choose from. Both cycles are going to be a little bit tougher this week. Junior cycling is also on this weekend at 12:30 in the CBS so if you have a son or daughter at home that would like to cycle – bring them out.

Saturday Cycle

Time: 9:00 SHARP at the hotel. We are looking to tighten up a bit on time keeping. The first group will pull out at 9:03 and the second group will head out at 9:05. If you miss the start then cycle out to meet us on the N7.

Route: we are once again on the N7 loop route but we are going to increase the difficulty a little by adding in a hill at the end. The interval will therefore be longer, and contain a hill, so you will need to adjust your effort accordingly.

There will be 3 evenly sized groups at the start. Sorry if you get put into a group you would rather not be in – go in it for this week and prove you are good enough to move up a group. We are looking to increase the pace of group 1 by putting a few more strong riders into it. We can only go on what we see and at the moment we see a lot of people in group 2 not quite able to manage the pace. The aim is not to be shattered at the end of the cycle!! With a hill in the route this week, a lot of people will need to ride more conservatively.

We will do two loops as per usual. At the end of loop 2 we go around the roundabout and back to Army Hill – swing left in Moneygall. The pace up the hill should be a controlled hard pace (it’s not a race). Try and keep your bunch together as much as possible. Take the right turn on the descent and head over to Toomevara. Don’t be a hero on the descent; take care. The interval finishes in Toom. Wait there for any stragglers from your group and cycle back to Nenagh together.

To ensure Group 1 get time to do the hill. We will either increase their headstart or this group might try the hill at the start of the 2nd loop. We will discuss this on the day.

Hills make for great winter training and they give a very real idea of where your current fitness levels lie. Newcomers always find the hills a little tougher. As winter training progresses we will introduce more hills into this route and other routes we do.


Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00 at Tescos

Route: our first long expedition of the winter takes place on Sunday. We are heading for Kinnitty. This always proves to be a tough challenge. Make sure you have plenty of food with you because the food stop in Birr only comes after almost 4 hours in the saddle. The total distance can seem a little daunting but don’t let that faze you, just get out and do it – there are plenty of short cuts if you want.

The group will split in two in Kinnitty with the racing group adding in an extra hill as they head straight up the Wolftrap. The others will head over to Clonaslee and the start of the Cut. First group have 2 climbs. Second group have 3 climbs. It will be a long steady interval of about 2 hours over to Birr, so pace yourself and keep eating. No need to tell Keith Butler that, he never stops eating – tis a muzzle he needs.


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