Wednesday = Beginner Day

Both club training sessions on Wednesday are beginner friendly. If you are just starting out with the club then mark this down as a ‘must do’ day. Pick one or both sessions and give it a lash!!

  • Running @ 6:05pm: There is a set 5km route for this. We don’t expect everyone to be able to run 5km straight away. Some will jog / walk the route and others will run it quickly and do it twice. Every week you turn up to this you will be a little fitter and you will run that little bit further. Before you know it, running 5km will be a piece of cake! You should bring some hi-vis clothing for this as it will be dark.
  • Swimming @ 8:00pm: Beginners would probably need to be able to swim two lengths continuous front crawl with your head in the water (breathing every 2 or 3 strokes) before attending this. If you find this difficult then you will probably need to sign up for some one on one individual swimming lessons first. Ask at reception at the pool for more information about these one on one lessons.
    The most we ask people to swim in a row is just two lengths. You will be learning lots of new drills that will help to improve your stroke technique. You might find them tricky at first but you will master them soon enough. Ask any of our experienced swimmers and they will tell you that perseverence is the key.

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