Upcoming events

Upcoming events!!


We were asked to make members aware of a couple of upcoming events that are coming up. If ye are free to show your support that would be fantastic!!!

Majella Moyles from the club is organising a multifaceted fundraiser for Breast Caner Mid-West, while Donal Quirke who took the club for yoga during the season is raising funds for…..

More details on both directly from Majella and Donal can be found below and all support welcome.


Best BooB Forward: Majella Moyles




Well!!…so much for an easy year. I began this year, with my mind made up to approach my training with an easy, no stress, no pressure, no playing catch-up regime……instead enjoy keeping fit, staying active and spending time with ye fellow club members…and perhaps a little more socialising. I had decided not to sign up for any races, triathlons, competitions…..No Challenges. However my easy year, was not meant to be…

I am now facing the biggest challenge to date, beating breast cancer. What can I say….to hear the words ‘Cancer…..mastectomy….chemotherapy….. radiotherapy…..’, it overwhelms you, your brain goes into a fuzz. I underwent surgery over a month ago, and in a few week’s time, I will be taking on chemotherapy. This isn’t an easy road I am on, but keeping strong, positive and focused is helping me on the road to recovery. I miss training immensely, I miss meeting up with the club, even for a gruelling track set, a murderous route on the bike or a tough pool session….strange for some to comprehend, but I miss the training buzz so much.

However, as ye all know, I need a focus, something to aim towards. I, along with Liv, decided to turn around what I am going through into a fund raising opportunity for the Breast Cancer Clinic, University Hospital, Limerick. My theme is ‘Best BooB Forward’ (thanks Mags). So first up, on this Saturday 20th August, I will be holding a Shave r’ Dye & Table Quiz Fundraising Night, Half Door Pub, Nenagh at 8.30pm (SHARP J ). On same night l (pre-chemo), along with my dad Tom, my sister Olivia and brother Leo will be getting our hair shaved off. We hope those of you coming along Saturday night, to come with your hair either dyed, messy, styled, modelling a head piece, wig, hat, helmet or even swimming cap…whatever you are comfortable with.

I am also planning to complete the Women’s Tipperary Mini Marathon in Thurles, on Sunday 25th September. By the time this date comes along, I will be going through chemotherapy. But no matter if I have to walk, shuffle, or who knows jog, I will finish it. Mindya, there will be no PB’s achieved that day for me. So if ye are interested in taking part and joining me on the day (men are welcome also…however ye got to dress in pink 😉 ) you can register here, before 31st August:

The service that the Breast Cancer Team provide in Limerick is the best you could expect. They are not just professionals in their field, but the most caring, sensitive and understanding people you could wish to have to look after you.  1 in 10 women is diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Ireland. That could be your mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend. And it isn’t just women that get breast cancer, so do men. I hope, with all my heart that none of you or your loved ones, go through this.

So until Saturday night………..



Body-Breath-Mind Classes for Farashe: Donal Quirke


Next Saturday morning, August 20th I am offering three classes to raise funds once again for Farashe.

Farashe, which means “butterfly” in Arabic, is a nonprofit and volunteer-based community yoga movement based in the heart of Ramallah. At their yoga center in Ramallah, and through all of their outreach activities in Palestine, Farashe provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals and their families can experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga and other mind-body disciplines, including Pilates and meditation. Farashe also offer workshops and events on nutrition, stress management, and more

Farashe Yoga’s network of teachers are reaching communities throughout the West Bank, bringing yoga and meditation to the communities in which they live and work. They are teaching in schools, hospitals, health clinics, refugee camps, community centers, gyms, and homes. They are teaching a wide range of women and men, including children, highschool students, elderly, cancer survivors, diabetes patients, pregnant women, school teachers, administrators, and other professionals.


There are three classes but it’s possible to come along to any part.

You’ll find info on my website:  Farashe Fundraiser

and my Facebook page:

Many Thanks,

Donal – NorthTippYoga

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