Tuesday Cycling Update

After listening to feedback from our members the club are just going to let each of our members decide for themselves what they want to do. If you have the right Cycling Ireland license then you can turn up to the Limerick Summer League at 7:00 or Moynans spin at 6:00 (combined with the Wheelers). If not then you will just have to make your own plans for the evening. Most non-cycle-racing members are just doing their own thing at this stage. There are small groups going running, cycling and swimming this evening so it is too hard for the club to organise another cycling session at this time. You can save your energy for the TT tomorrow evening!!!

One other solution might be to join the racing cyclists on their trip out to the Limerick Summer League at Gooig at 6:10 from the Stereame Car Park. Cycle out with us and then do your own thing from Gooig.

Sorry about all this.

If things change over the next few weeks we will let ye all know.

Thursdays and Saturdays will be the two main club cycling days from now on.

To purchase Cycling Ireland membership click on the following link >> CI membership.

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