The Nenagh Triathlon Club cater for all levels of competitor, from beginner to elite athletes. For those of you who have always dreamed about finishing a triathlon, now is as good a time as any to start training.


If you have any questions you can email or just ask a committee member at any of the training sessions!


Sometimes these training sessions will change. To make sure you are always updated make sure to check out our Facebook page or join our Viber group.


The club run the following training sessions.


Day Morning Evening
 Monday Run: 7.00pm

CBS Track


Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane



Cycle: 6:45pm from the

Leisure Centre

Masters swim: 8.00pm

Leisure Centre


Wednesday  Race Series coming mid April

Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane




Masters swim: 6.30am

Leisure Centre


Cycle: Check Viber


Sunday  Free until the lake swims start




Swimming Sessions

The Nenagh Triathlon Club in conjunction with the Nenagh Masters swimming club offers a progressive course in swimming in a variety of evening and morning swim sessions and is focused on the development of stroke and fitness. Triathlon morning sessions are specifically aimed at improving ability over the 750m and 1500m distances and also focus on triathlon specific and open water aspects to swimming. Sessions in conjunction with Nenagh Masters swimming club are specifically aimed at gala swimming, offering training in all the basic swimming strokes over a variety of distances.

Nenagh Triathlon also aims to offer sessions for more novice swimmers with the prerequisite being the ability to complete 50-100m front crawl continuously. We have a novice swim lane in the morning sessions and there are novice / B squad lane spots available in sessions run on Wednesday evening, with the aim to develop stroke and swimming fitness in order to be able to attend the main Wednesday evening session or the Tuesday/Thursday morning sessions.

Further details of plans and swimming progressions can be seen in the Swimming sessions tab:

Cycling Sessions

Nenagh Triathlon Club offers training to both established and novice triathletes in our Tuesday evening Spin / Turbo / Brick sessions and our Sunday morning outdoor group cycle. The Tuesday session offers a use of Spin bikes or if you have a turbo trainer bring your own bike and will involve a 30-45min triathlon focused bike session followed by a short run in the environs of the leisure centre.

The Sunday morning cycle has 2 groups to choose from leaving at 10am from Nenagh Leisure Centre. Group 1 covers a distance of around 20k and the speed will be at an average of 18-22k/hour. Group 2 will cover a distance of around 40k at an average speed of 28-30k/hour. This session is designed to increase basic aerobic fitness and is a social gathering over the Winter months so will be avoiding the heavy breathing efforts until later in the year!


Running Sessions

Nenagh Triathlon Club offers training to both competitive and novice runners in our Thursday evening run sessions. These sessions focus on improving ability over 5-10k distance and have 2 groups that run similar sessions at novice or advanced running level.

Further details of plans and running progressions can be seen in the Running sessions tab: