Training Update

The club has started its off season training very strongly with each training session having very large numbers in attendance. So much so, we were barely able to swim in the beginner’s lane on Wednesday as it was packed. Apologies about that but we will soon be able to move a few of the stronger swimmers to the improvers lane, therefore allowing us to refocus on the real basics of swimming once again with the beginners.

What’s left this week?

Thursday = run in the CBS. This is suitable for all levels and starts at 6:30pm. There are usually 15+ runners at this run so you won’t be alone. There is also a good mix of abilities.

Friday is the club rest day. There are no official training sessions taking place.

The weekend is when we get our bikes out……

Junior Cycle: will take place in the CBS at 2:30pm on Saturday. This session is targeted more at U/12s and anyone that finds the senior cycle too tough. Older juniors should aim to go on the senior loop cycle at 9:00am.

Track cycling – Saturday’s training session will be a track based cycle, suitable for all types of bikes. This is a great opportunity for you to get started with our club.

Saturday cycle: we will once again be on the loop course with Seaníns hill. Repeat what was done last week.

Time keeping: beginner group leave at 9:00 SHARP – please don’t be late as we need this group to get out to Moneygall before the main group. The main group will leave at 9:10. We were better organised last week but time keeping is still an issue.

Everyone will stop in Moneygall and three or four groups will be formed based on numbers in attendance. Somebody needs to control the pace in the bunch. We are still trying to find the Goldilocks pace (not too fast, not too slow).


Sunday Cycle: most of the Rás riders will be missing for this one so the pace might be a little easier. Meet at 8:00am. Route to be decided on the morning.

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