Training on the Weekend

In triathlon, the weekend provides us with plenty of extra time to train. It is important to make the most of this additional training and recovery time. The more that you put into the sport the more you will get out. The people that improve most in the club are those that put the extra hours in – it’s not rocket science. That is why getting out for a couple of training sessions on the weekend is vital. Endurance sports are time intensive; triathlon is no exception.

You should target

  • Friday: interval run at 6:15pm in the CBS. This will help get you running faster.
  • Saturday Morning Cycle: 9:00am from the pool. Let this be your one long distance cycle of the week.
  • Sunday: Try and fit in a long distance run or head to the hills for some hill running (Coum or Keeper are both good options).

To give you a very rough idea of the training hours involved: 

  • Pro-triathletes: 30+ hours a week
  • Top Irish Olympic / Half / Ironman Distance Triathletes: 15 – 25
  • Competitive in National Series Age Groups / Finish an Ironman in a decent time: 10 – 15
  • Beginner / leisure / just want to finish Kilkee triathletes: 4 – 10

Obviously there are exceptions to the above rules. Genetics plays a key role in how hard you need to train to achieve something. Training smart is also very important. But at the end of the day, there is no substitute for just putting the time in. So, start of this weekend by hitting the Friday evening run straight after work and then ‘go long’ over the rest of the weekend. Enjoy!!


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