Tomorrow’s Cycle

Just 1 day to go!

nat02_weatherWeather forecast: for tomorrow is good with plenty of sunshine and little to no wind, but it will be cold. Don’t let that scare you off. Make sure to bring gloves, cover those legs and wear overshoes if you have them.

The plan: If you don’t know what the plan is already for tomorrow. Then check out the post from November 19th. Try and have an idea of what you want to achieve from the cycle – we don’t want any heroes. We don’t want to see anyone going even close to race level intensity. Do what you can and then head for home.

New Faces: We do want to see some new faces at this cycle. If you have been cycling by yourself for sometime then try this for something different. Cycling with a group will help with your motivation, knowledge and fitness. It is way easier to ride for two hours in a group than it is by yourself. You will find the time and distance flying by.

Old Faces: It is important that the experienced members of our club do their best to turn up and support this new cycle format. If it is to be a success we need to have high active participation so try your best to be there for the club when it needs you!

Racing: If you plan on racing for us next year then we certainly expect you to be there if possible.

Club Gear: We will be taking orders for the new club gear tomorrow as we want to try to get some gear in before Christmas. Don’t feel under pressure to purchase. If you want a new jersey or shorts then let us know, we won’t be chasing after you. It is fine to wear any jersey you want at our training sessions.

Youth development: Tomorrow’s cycle wouldn’t be suitable for people under 16. We are developing a separate training program for the younger age groups and will be looking to start that in December.

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